Bellum: Stellae

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May 31, 2019


Bellum: Stellae is a space themed action packed multiplayer strategy battle game with card collection as a core progression featuring 10 Player Free For All Mode (Last Man Standing), Boss Fights, 1 vs. 1 PvP mode, Random Map System, In-game Chat.

The center of the game is the multiplayer online battle arena where the players fight to upgrade their own territories or destroy others. You can be the hero and hit the Leaderboard.
Several items in the shop are collectible, unique or rare.

1) Assemble your Deck - A full Deck has 8 cards: 4 Unit Cards, 3 Spell Cards, 1 Victory Card
Unit Cards - Used to get MP (Military Power). More MP will enable more powerful attacks and spell cards.
Spell Cards - Used to effect the battle in your favor.
Victory Cards - Battles have 1 or more Victory cards and by reaching the goal of one of them can you achieve victory

2) Battle Others - Collect Military Points, Capture territory, Attack the enemy
Collect - Buy Units to get the MP (Military Power) economy started. Different unit cards will provide different amount of MP per second.
Capture - Use MP (Military Power) to capture or upgrade territories. The cost of capture/upgrade is on the cell. Territories also provide some MP income. Star cells cost more but provide benefits.
Attack - Attack enemy territories by clicking on the cell or using special spell cards to overcome the enemy. Higher level cells cost more to attack.

Fight for the honor of your Space Empire!


In Battle:
1 - Buy one unit in the first slot
2 - Buy one unit in the second slot
3 - Buy one unit in the third slot
4 - Buy one unit in the fourth slot
Q - Use your first special ability
E - Use your second special ability
R - Use your third special ability
W/A/S/D - Move map around
Space - Jump to owned star
Left Click - Attack or Upgrade tile
Right Click - Move map around

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