Big Tower Tiny Square

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Jan 6, 2017


There's a new Big Tower on Steam and it is...NEON! Check it out here:

Looking for the enhanced stand-alone version of Big Tower Tiny Square? Check it out on Steam

Your best friend Pineapple has been stolen by Big Square and taken to the top of a deathtrap-filled Big Tower. Climb the Big Tower, Tiny Square, and rescue Pineapple!

Dodge bullets, leap lava pits, and wall-jump your way up the Big Tower in this tough-but-fair platformer.
Anyone can do that, right? Sure the controls are easy, and the obstacles are fair. But do you have the skill necessary to make it to the top? Precision is key to success! No sprint, no double-jump, and no floaty controls! Just quick deaths and generous respawn points.

Big Tower Tiny Square is heavily inspired by single-screen arcade games. The game is one giant level broken up into large single-screen sections. Each obstacle has been meticulously designed. It will take precision and skill to navigate the maze-like tower.

Controller Support
Plug in a controller (Xbone/360 fully supported) if you prefer to throw a controller instead of smash a keyboard after particularly grueling death. The controller must be plugged in before your browser is opened to be recognized.


A/D or arrow keys to Move
SPACE/Z/W/UpArrow to Jump/Swim
Controller (check in-game instructions)

January 12, 2017

------PERFORMANCE NOTES------- I did some testing based on the feedback below: 1) Chrome: Use Chrome if possible, it gives the best possible performance by far. If you are having loading issues through Chrome try disabling WebGL (thanks to Oil|lio for this tip!). Disabling WebGL will make the game look a little different since the shaders won't work but it's nothing game-changing. 2) Firefox: The game seems to work well enough with FF, however I did notice the jump button did not always want to work with it. Should still be able to beat the game if you really want to use FF though. 3) Edge: AVOID AVOID AVOID. The game loads/plays on Edge but the movement/jump is totally broken. Unless you want an exercise in madness and frustration use Chrome or FF. TL;DR: Use Chrome, avoid Edge, and disable WebGL if it won't load.

January 7, 2017

------January 6th HOTFIX--------- Removed glitched brown/yellow moving blocks.
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