Call of War

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BUILD UP YOUR NATION War is coming and you will need all the resources you can get!
RESEARCH MILITARY TECHNOLOGIES Unlock and level up variet of ground, air and naval warfare units!
FORGE ALLIANCES AND MASTER DIPLOMACY Keep your allies close but your enemies closer!
ENGAGE IN COMBAT ON HISTORICAL MAPS Choose your strategy to win epic battles of World War II!
Aug 12, 2016


Take over the control of one of the mighty nations during the times of World War 2 in this persisting long-term strategy game. Conquer provinces, forge alliances and build up your economy in real-time. Research top secret weapons of World War 2 and become the one true superpower!


Explained in-game. Mouse and Keyboard.

December 3, 2019

Attention Generals! This week’s release brings a lot of new great features to Call of War! We release sound and music, implement a brand new army positioning system and adjust day changes in the game to make sure that no player has a default advantage due to the time zone they play in. We already talked about the implementation of sound and music, as well as the adjustment on how day change works in new game rounds last week. Something we would like to highlight today is the new army positioning system we are implementing today. This new system displays the images of units on the map slightly more separated from each other with lines marking their exact position on the map. This significantly improves overview on the map and makes it easier to distinguish between different troops, especially on cluttered maps or regions where many different units are positioned close together. The new army positioning system will be available with advanced graphics only. See the list below for a complete overview of what we release today. New features: -We implemented Sound and music in Call of War -Sound and music are available with advanced graphic settings only. -Sound and music can be activated and deactivated in the settings. -We implement a new army positioning system to improve overview on the map. -The new army positioning system is available with advanced graphics only. -We adjusted when day change happens in new game rounds. Day change now takes place 24 hours after a game was created. -Existing game rounds are not affected by this change. -We added a day change timer to the game -The day change timer can be found in the upper right corner of the screen on PC and at the bottom right corner of the screen in the mobile app. Graphical Updates: We implemented new unit interface images, unit skins and added missing faction specific skins for: Artillery Anti Tank Anti Air Railroad Gun Convoy Armored Car Light Tank Medium Tank Heavy Tank Tank Destroyer SP Anti Air SP Artillery We made attack vectors more transparent with bombarding units to improve map overview. Attack vectors are not transparent when the unit is selected or hovered over. We adjusted the relation mode and changed the used color palette. We adjusted the way water and fog of war is displayed on the map. Both are slightly brighter now. We improved existing and added new animations for airplanes and rockets when using enhanced graphics. Rockets update their position in real time and exactly follow the drawn attack path when using enhanced graphics AI Modifications: We reduced the popularity penalty for producing units when a player’s popularity is on a low level already. We decreased the popularity penalty for sneak attacks. We removed the popularity penalty for having war declared on you by someone else. Player’s who get attacked by another country received a solidarity/popularity bonus. The AI constructs buildings and unites more strategically now. The AI now attacks frontline provinces rather than backline provinces. AI countries now don't give Right of Way to players on the Dominion Antarctica map anymore. Bug fixes: We fixed an issue that caused sea transports, airplanes or airplane convoys to have negative health and as a result being indestructible sometimes. We resolved an issue that prevented the arrival time of units in the army bar to be updated immediately when the unit was dragged. We fixed an issue that occasionally showed lines on the map when airplanes were airborne. We resolved an issue that occasionally caused the attack timer to be displayed incorrectly. We fixed an issue that caused a wrong image to be displayed in the unit research details for the Russian BT tank. We resolved an issue that caused the wrong text and images being displayed on the reward popup for the winning team/coalition. We fixed an issue that occasionally caused the redirect to the payment provider to fail in the shop. We resolved an issue that prevented translated shop descriptions for high command to be displayed in the shop. We fixed an issue that prevented parts of the game details of non-english games to be translated. We resolved an issue that prevented players from buying blueprints for some units. We resolved an issue that caused attack arrows and certain symbols to be displayed over airplanes when using enhanced graphics. We fixed and issue that caused map borders to cover units and province names when using enhanced graphics. We hope you like the new features and updates, and which you best of luck on the battlefield! Your Bytro Team

June 24, 2019

Dear Generals, today’s release includes a number of small game improvements and bug fixes. For details see the complete list of changes below. Bugfixes: The combat timer is now visible again, when using the old graphic settings on mobile. We fixed an issue that caused provinces with a trade embargo against the player or a ceasefire to be coloured in red when using the relation view mode. Only provinces that belong to nations at war with the player will be red in the relation view mode now. We fixed an issue with some mobile devices where the diplomacy trade window was cut off. We fixed an issue where certain browser add ons interfered with dialog alignments We hope you like the changes and wish you good luck on the battlefield! Your Bytro Team

June 24, 2019

Dear Generals, we know that many of you have been waiting for this moment for a long time and finally it has come! The Bytro team is very proud to introduce the new Paratrooper unit to live servers! Paratroopers are deployed as airplanes which can take off from any airport controlled by a player. After attacking a land target, the airplane converts to a Paratrooper Infantry on the ground. Once converted into a Paratrooper Infantry the unit cannot be converted back into an airplane. This unique unit will allow you to use a new set of strategies! Surprise your opponents and sneak up on them. Drop Paratroopers in lightly guarded or unguarded strategically valuable provinces to conquer them and their resources as fast as possible. You can also drop them behind enemy lines to open a second front and allow your forces to re-group and fight back even harder! With the release of the new Paratroopers we implement some additional changes to Call of War: One of those changes is a reduction of victory points needed to win the game. In order to make end game battles even more fierce and meaningful we adjusted the victory conditions for single and team/coalition victories. To reach a solo victory you now only need 51% instead of the previous 60% victory points. Victory points needed for teams/coalitions have been reduced from 80% to 70% as well. We also lowered the victory requirement for 2-team maps and 1on1 maps from 90% to 80%. Last but not least… rewards for all! With the release of the new Paratroopers we are introducing additional victory rewards for all participants of a game round. Not only did we increase existing victory reward payouts, but added a fixed gold bonus for all participants of games who survived until the end and stayed active. So even if it seems that you are not able to win the game anymore, there is still some reward waiting for you at the end! The new gold rewards can be seen in the Newspaper tab "Rewards". Further Balancing Changes: manpower costs for Militia and Infantry units are reduced to 1300 instead of 1500 previously All these changes will affect new games only. We hope you like the changes and that the new Paratroopers allow you to become even more successful on the battlefield! Your Bytro team
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