Call of War

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BUILD UP YOUR NATION When war is coming you need all the resources you can get! Prepare your country to gear up for the big battles of World War II.
RESEARCH MILITARY TECHNOLOGIES Unlock and level up your ground, air and naval warfare units to get the advantage you need for victory!
FORGE ALLIANCES AND MASTER DIPLOMACY Who is your enemy? Who your ally? Choose wisely whom to trust!
ENGAGE IN COMBAT ON HISTORICAL MAPS Choose your strategy to win the big battles of World War II! Control air, land and sea units and rewrite history!
Aug 12, 2016


In Call of War, you take the reigns over a multitude of nations during the darkest hours of human history: The Second World War. You have to build up your cities, expand your country, manage your economy, bargain with other rulers, spy your enemies, forge strong alliances and build a powerful army to prepare for the call of war. You have a great strategic overview over a huge historical map, on which you can order your commands and see your armies move in real time. Everything is possible in Call of War.


Explained in-game

August 14, 2018

Dear generals, today we are happy to present to you the upcoming balancing changes, which will be on beta upcoming Wednesday, August 15. After a two week test phase the changes will go live on August 28. We collected a lot of feedback including what we read in the forums and on other platforms and we felt the need to make some change to provide a balanced and interesting game experience. Please keep in mind that these changes will then also affect running games. If you have beta status you will be able to test the changes in frontline pioneer games after the beta release. Feel free to give us feedback in the forums, adjustments can still be made if necessary. You can find an info graphic showing the changes in detail in the ingame news. Your Call of War team

June 6, 2018

Dear generals, with today’s update we introduce an important change to the way the peace period works. In the past, the peace period always ended at day change - no matter when the map was started. Thus, a 2 days peace period could last for either exactly 48 hours or anything down to 24h 1 min (if the map was started 1 min before day change). That’s why we decided to change that behavior to something more consistent: A 2 days peace period will now last exactly 48 hours, no matter when the map started. (This behavior has actually been around for some time.) In addition, we will now also display the remaining time prominently in the main view of a game round. Here's the complete list of today's changes: Peace period now lasts exactly X days (and thus does not necessarily end at day change). An active peace period is indicated by a timer icon. In our speed round event maps the build queue timers were not adjusted to the accelerated game speed. This has been fixed. Some achievements were shown as completed, but didn’t offer to collect the reward. This has been fixed. You will now see a small notification next to the achievement icon whenever a reward is waiting to be collected. Games that are restricted by a minimum rank display the level that is needed to join if not reached yet. The newspaper will display ‘control X points for victory’ depending on which ranking the player is looking at (index of nations vs. index of coalitions). When clicking on the alliance of a player in their statistics within a game you will be redirected to the alliance page in a new tab. Your Call of War team

June 6, 2018

The achievement reward system is finally live! Check out your profile, collect your rewards and enjoy the profile rework improvements that came alongside other changes and fixes. More details about the achievement reward system can be found in the news post from last week. Please keep in mind that it may take a few minutes until an achievement will be marked as completed. Update News: Profile rework improvements: We implemented a button in the top middle of your profile which allows you to switch between human and AI for your killed and lost unit statistics. Clicking near the the score and ranking in the profile will open the ranking of that player, this can also be used in your own profile. The arrow to show individual unit statistics will now open the information for all units at the same time, which allows you to get a better overview and compare their statics more easily. Global popularity is now again shown in the ingame profile for Elite-AI rounds. Additional changes and improvements: You are now able to find the map-specific winning reward for your game round in the newspaper. The ‘report player’ button is also available for anonymous rounds. In the research menu as well as the production menu you will now find Anti Air, Artillery and Anti Tank units in the Infantry tab. Mechanized Infantry can be found in the Armor tab. These units now count towards their new category for certain achievements. The small icon next to each unit on the map will always display their current armor class. This was not always the case. Previously it was showing the easiest target class for some units. ‘Earn Premium Currency’ options (also called ‘Offer Wall’) have been deactivated. The newspaper filter for politics and economics works properly again. Level 2+ damaged buildings with upkeep could not be disabled in the province list. This has been fixed. Users that are invited to an alliance should now be able to see a message instead of the default alliance text. Mobile: Anonymous rounds do not show player details anymore. The report form has been fixed. You can now also compare your profile with other players. Users were not able to trade less than 5,000 resources, we fixed this problem. Gold rounds falsely showed 0 Gold entry fee, this has been fixed. We hope you enjoy the update, your Call of War team
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