circloO 2

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Nov 22, 2018


circloO 2 is a colorful physics platformer in a growing circle.

You're a small ball rolling around in a round level. Collect circles to grow the level. As it grows, everything stays in the level, so you'll have to avoid and use obstacles in everchanging ways. For example, a platform that was first very useful to gain height, may prove to be a challenging obstacle after the level has grown!

You can only move left and right, so you'll want to use features of the level carefully to jump and gain height.

circloO 2 features:
- Lots of cool physics features: ropes, pulleys, changing gravity and much more!
- 24 unique levels.
- Great music and sound effects by Stijn Cappetijn.
- Relaxing physics platforming fun!

Have fun and I'm happy to hear what you think!

News! CircloO is out now on Steam, with even more fun levels, a level editor and over 1500 player-created levels! Get it now!
Also check out the Android version and iOS App Store version!


Use the left and right arrow keys to move. Use the mouse or arrow keys and space/enter to navigate menus.

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