City idle

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Apr 6, 2023


City building game with fully simulated citizens!

You start with nothing, you create fire and people start gathering, build huts and a civilization begins! From here you travel through different time periods from prehistoric to bronze age to iron age and so on.

Initially starting with basics like collect berries, growing crops and animals, improving efficiency with tools. Eventually create ships to colonize many more islands to grow your empire!

What to expect:
* Though provoking challenges in managing your civilization.
* Research many new technologies to improve your city.
* Figuring out efficient layouts for your city.

Disclaimer: This game is harder than average- prepare to be challenged!

Have fun! :)


Use mouse for most actions.

Check shortcut keys under settings for smoother game play.

October 4, 2023

+ Enabled FIREFOX! (Chromium based browser is still faster) + Construction sites now take pipes also from the factory + For markets added link to help page that details how markets operate. + When placing a building, shows grid for easier placement. + Fixed CTRL key for mac (which is Command key). + New cooler looking fog. (very useful right...) + BUGFIX: Memory consumption increased every time when loading a save. Fixed now and frees memory of older saves. + BUGFIX: Fixed pipe maintenance sometimes going to NaN + BUGFIX: Fixed few issues when placing pipes/power lines in tight places and connecting to buildings. It will now connect correct pipe/power line. + BUGFIX: Fixed issue when building has so much information that bottom part is not visible. It shows scroll now for smaller screens. + BUGFIX: Fixed issue when person/animal/ship information was hidden behind plots menu. + Complete restructuring on how graphics works. This helps with future updates, as it is now much easier to work with.

July 5, 2023

ELECTRICITY IS LIVE! This is a big update and it is highly likely additional updates will follow to modify balance of "things". Electricity affects every production line there is, hence it is rather difficult to balance. Send me feedback 🙂 UPDATES + BREAKING CHANGE - Houses have new max capacity logic! Now goods are needed in houses to get higher capacity. For example berries give +1 max living space, bread +2 and so on. This can have huge change in some smaller islands if goods are not transported there. In case this affects your city: add more cheap housing to keep population stable to areas where employment is high, but you don't transport berries, fish, bread, meat, beds, dishes, etc... and/or don't have tavern/cafe. + HUGE NEW FEATURE - Electricity: You can now build your own power plant to massively boost production by 2x for most buildings and increase houses max capacity by +4! + QUALITY OF LIFE: Holding down CTRL will set priority to all buildings of same type on the whole map. + Smaller adjustments to water flow. For most cases it will not cause any issues, but worth to double check that all pipes work as intended. + Great fire now has animation.

April 20, 2023

+ META CHANGE: horse wagons now have a special same size garage building. Old garage does not take in horse wagons anymore and existing horse wagons are automatically converted to wheelbarrows. Sorry! Reasoning for this update is that it is now easier to plan which transport tool different locations should use. For some it does not make sense to use horse wagons, but garage would always try to still get them if accessible and it is impossible to control this. One of the design principles for this game is to minimize amount of building specific settings, so "layout would be expressive". Less micromanagement of buildings, more strategic placement planning. Obviously this goal will fail and can't be achieved 100%, but something to keep in mind as one of the goals. So every setting a building has goes through careful consideration. + NEW HEATMAP(s): storage heatmap - shows how full storages for a selected resource are. + NEW HEATMAP(s): People needs heatmap - shows how certain needs are satisfied in houses are. + BUGFIX: Homes and animal farms were slightly broken after last release. They really really tried to keep storages at 100% and that meant they became less efficient. This issue is now fixed and both should be back to normal. + BUGFIX: Brewery started producing only if storage was fully filled in case it was connected to beer pipe. Now it produces even if storage is not full.
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