Clickventure: The Secret Beneath, Ep.1

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Dec 9, 2021


After hearing rumors about a secret lab, you decided to see if it really exists. You were warned by people though – the place may be dangerous…

Clickventure: The Secret Beneath is a point and click adventure game where you have to go through a large number of obstacles in order to reach your destination.

What's new in Clickventure?
- Speedrun mode - available after completing the Adventure Mode
- Combinable items - mix two items together to create a new, useful one
- Improved the game's system
- Other quality of life improvements and small new features

Message from the creator
The game is more challenging than the previous one (Clickventure: Castaway) because of the large number of 'obstacles'. Your feedback has been taken into account and this time there will be no tricky key under the rock. ;)

I noticed that some of you like to share your completion times, so a special mode has been added to the game - Speedrun. Please note the saves are stored locally.

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Mouse only:

Left click: interact
Right click: inventory

December 19, 2021

- The messages no longer disappear after the timeout. Click any mouse button or press ESC to close the window. - Updated and added descriptions to items to hint at where they can be used.

December 13, 2021

- Fixed a bug where you could not pickup wire cutters after blowing the basement. - More items highlighted - Changed text in a few places in the game - Reduced menu music volume - Other small fixes.
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