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Code Red

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Feb 24, 2017


[Avoid playing in Internet explorer/Edge due to WebGL compability and laggy issues]
Code Red is an action platformer where you take control of an specimen that has escaped out of his containment chamber needing something, nourish yourself with human flesh while your mind is stormed with the need of reaching a room.

Game made in 72 hours for the Ludum Dare 37 game jam, top 83 out of 1700+ entries, we’ve added fixes in the following days due to feedback.
This is the post-jam fixed version, if you desire to play the original jam entry you can head over here:

​The team:
​​Graphics – Level design: veryeviltomato SFX:eDark95
Programming: @Oultrox
ST credits:
Welcome to chaos – Ross Budgen.


-You can slash while you’re running
-You can slash while jumping
-Eat to regain health
-While you’re screaming you’re invulnerable

-W,A,S,D to move (or arrow keys)
-Shift to walk
-H (or C) to slash
-J (or X) to Grab and eat
-K (or Z) to scream
-Jump agaisnt wall to climb
-Esc or P to pause

February 11, 2017

[If your checkpoints aren't working] Probably must be some blocked rights because we're using 'LocalStorage' for checkpoints in HTML5, I do suggest trying with other browser or avoiding use it in private mode or veryfing if your browser can store data for savegames! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Avoid playing in Internet explorer/Edge due to WebGL compability and laggy issues!]
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