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As you may know, Exit Path has many clans. This is where you can discuss your opinions and thoughts on what clan is better, what clan is more popular, and what clan is the best overall. Here is a list of past clans of Exit Path.

The G33KS
Leader: GeekOfArmorGames

The Ghosts
Leader: GhostOfRazgriz

The Spirits
Leader: SpiritOfNuba

The Angels
Leader: AngelOfZen

The Demons
Leader: DemonOfWrath

The ExitPath Band
Leader: MusicMan102

The Shadows
Leader: ShadowShade

The gods
Leader: GodOfSpeed

The Z's
Leader: ZultimateGamer2000

The Dragons
Leader: EragonsDragon

The Grandmasters
Leader: Schmiddy1234

sambam's clan
Leader: Sambam

The guests
Leader: KrissKhan

The Trollers
Leader: TheTroller

I believe that those are all the clans of EP so far. If there was any I missed, let me know! So to start you guys off with something to discuss, what clan do you think is the best? (Obivously, I'd say the Angels.)

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