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Okay. I beat most of the game. However, I'm stuck on the last level getting a perfect score. I can't kill off all the enemies. I'm using the triplane, equipped with a damage amplifier and three fully-upgraded homing missile launchers. I do the maximum possible damage, and all my shots hit. I can't kill all the enemies, and so I'm stuck at 2 stars. What combination of weapons and upgrades will allow me to kill everything?

(Note, I found that the final boss fight is way too easy with 3 missile launchers equipped. Just go up and to the side out of range of the guns and let the missiles do the work.)

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There are actually 2 options on doing it that are fairly useful, but for both i used 2 amplifiers, in both slots.

One (my first 3 star) was achived by not using missiles at all. There arent any fast or agile enemies, as such plasma cannon (last weapon) when fully upgraded dominates missiles due to it's powerful single target.

Second one uses the puny ice cannon. while cannon itself does almost no damage, it still aplies debuff.

Hope it helps.

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