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Hello all. My name (user-name, actually) is obviously Mickeyryn. While I was sleeping, I thought-up a story. I enjoyed vividly imagining the story so much, that I thought it would be worth the time to type it all up. I hope you like it, and I am always happy to hear compliments, and critiques.

This story is about a dog, a Basset-hound-Siberian-husky, to be exact, and his clever and loving owner, Jace. They end up traveling up the legendary SpiPek Mountain, and finding the treasure they need to survive or else be thrown into the Leslervic Dungeon by King Tessaket.

The Peak at Dawn-Tread Pass

Jace, panting hard, was running through the tiny village, called Seraut. He looked up, in the right time too, because a guard dove straight at him. He ducked and he heard a *click* of armor colliding with the hard, packed dirt ground behind him.
He kept running, at a varying pace, because each step he took was spent either stumbling in a small-sized pothole on the ground, or jumping, to avoid getting stuck in a no-good ditch.
Just then a guard, dressed in chain-mail over a silk gown jumped at him. There was no chance of dodging this one. *Smack*. Jace and the Royal Guard tumbled backward, awkwardly rolling around in a mud-hole. Then three other guards caught up, and stood around the pile of muck.
Jace gave up the fight.
The Royal Guard tied Jace's hands bejind him, and was escorted away with much jostling and shunting.
Just then he heard one guard yell, "Get him!" He ran down an alleyway between two tall royal tents. He appeared to be chasing a dog, about the size of a husky, Jace thought. Then, without any notice at all, the guard in front of Jace got tackled from behind. The other guards were somehow subdued by this dog.
The dog looked at Jace for a moment, then bounded away. About ten yards later, the dog turned, and cocked his head slightly toward Jace. Jace decided the dog wanted to be followed.

How do you guys like it so far?

Please let me know, and I will follow up on the story!


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You have strange dreams.

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