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I'm gonna start this off with this. A while back, I was a spamfic and a troll writer. But now, I'm here to make a decent story. Please leave some feedback.

"Is there a reason there's around, let's say, a couple hundred organic flesh eaters coming for us outside of the Lab Barriers?" The slightly insane scientist asked his son, very calmly.

"Is there a reason we shouldn't?" He quipped, smiling mischievously, and looking at his father with pride.

"Good job, son, you've created your own organic weapon. Zombies are a personal favorite of terror to be used upon the populace. Is there a certain city you have in mind?"

"How aboutâ¦New York?"

They happily agreed on it, and proceeded to talk about the zombie's ability to spread the virus to other's, thus reinforcing their numbers. Other heavily heated topics were whether one piece of bacteria containing the Zombie Virus could bring down America. Not that they wanted to bring it down. They just wanted to crumble it, let it rebuild, then play in the ashes, playing the role of Leader.


Contactus smiled at the havoc that was being unleashed down below, from his airship. Now a 26 year old mastermind, he loved spreading fear, disease, and death. His father had already passed down, leaving him to carry on the Goal of their family.

Most would cringe, and despise their parents for giving them a name such as Contactus. Meaning, Infect, or Taint, in Latin, it sounded like a disease itself. But it was rather fitting, as he spent his days creating bioorganic weapons, and left plagues and Strongholds everywhere.

Cities were no longer named, as they couldn't survive long enough for it to matter. This one was 7 Years old, and a particularly large Refugee location.

A soldier, armed with a Rapid Fire gun, escorted a mother and her children across the street. The mother was around 22 years old, and her children were both boys, probably seven. They all had blonde hair, but the mother's was thinning, probably because of stress.

Fire was tearing away at some of the buildings, and corpses lay everywhere. People tried to burn the dead bodies to prevent infection, but often enough, the handling of them led to infection itself.

The soldier spotted a nearby building that had human voices, light, and wasn't too damaged. There must be people there, he thought. People with food, and water. The Scourging of this Town/City/Refugee Camp had been going on for several months, and Contactus got a special laugh out of watching them try to salvage whatever was left, and survive.

He walked over, and twisted the doorknob, it opened, and he looked around, while the Civilians stayed right behind him for protection. Waitâ¦Was that, moaning? Could it⦠He heard a low, growl. It sounded fairly close to the voice he had heard, except so less human. It must've been someone who was recently infected.

"Run!" He shouted to the Small Family, they quickly complied, running behind. The soldier quickly closed the door. If he fell here, at least the Zombie wouldn't get out. He winced at the thought of him becoming one of those freaks.

The male, bulky figure of a person emerged from the Kitchen nearby. It looked more human like than the others, considering it's recent resurrection, but it's eyes were blank. It drooled. It's movements were awkward, and it limped occasionally.

He shot it immediately, firing fast at it's stomach and it's head. It fell quickly, dropping to the floor. Much easier than I thought. I should probably go get the family and bring them inside, and see if there's any food left over.

He didn't know it, but those were the last few thoughts he would ever have. The undead figures of the family appeared, and he was bit fast and painfully. Another touching failure for the humans.

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