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I´ll write about the soldiers ask for tips for the campain or challenges (id did all before my files were deleted)

Try to lvl up the commando and the assasin for the campian and challenges
you have to do some quick matches for some money
The assasin: the is the priority for most campain lvls. buy so fast you can Full Radar, use best pistol you have and the best Sniper you can buy (not crossbow its very hard to learn to shoot in runnig the heads) buy the skilly vital sight and later shadow blend. shadow blend is usefull for naerly all matches but at bording action use vital sight or blur or you use the Commando with explosiv on death (skill) OICW and teer gas or airstrike

for the challenge super warrior youhave "only" 700hp and a butter knife and your enemies are best equided try to stay away from tanks and medics concentrate on assasins the meele and commandos with explosives they are the weekest and always swing your knife dont stop
Challenge the creators use the assasin with shadow blend full radar and AWP stay always invisible and only shoot on justins head not on mike the has too much HP

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