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So have you ever played hedgehog launch 2 and had trouble making money to get those expensive upgrades? well the answer to that problem is simple using your gas bounce from platform to platform only using gas on this. then save up for the best radar that way it will be easier to find platforms. next get the fuel leach from platforms Maxed! yes i know you are like leachh thats only like 4% at max why? well it adds up and you can go forever i can as well but im so lazy i only do 15 minute runs. after maxing gas leach from platforms you want to get 1 - 2 rockets for when you are on the ground about to finish your run use the rocket (for this only) to get boosted up and continue your run. after this buy whatever have fun! this method works i have beat the game very quickly so quickly if i do it on story the game ends too fast hope you enjoy.

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