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Welcome to the Tavern. The Tavern is the ultimate chillout for forumites. But please keep the ground rules in mind!


1.) Topics.
a. Please use your best judgement. Not everything goes. While topics and conversation without a forum category are allowed, the Tavern is not a place to post just any question that pops into your head. This includes 'versus,' 'favorite,' and 'hypothetical situation' threads. Threads will be locked at our discretion. The more ridiculous the thread is, the more likely it will be locked or deleted.
b. Please post in the correct forum category. Movies, music, books, actors, etc. go in Popular Media. Forum games, game-like forum threads and RPGs, go in Forum Games.
c. Science and Sports topics have no specific category and are welcome here. You may also post them under World Events, Politics, Religion, Etc. and Popular Media, depending on the topic.
d. Please look through the latest 5-10 pages or use a search engine to see if there is a recent topic (within the last two months) covering what you were going to post.

2.) Replies
a. Please explain your choices when picking favorites. Short responses will be deleted on sight.
b. Please do not reply to threads that are older than several months. Such topics may no longer be relevant and may be locked.

3.) "Spam"
a. Threads that encourage posts that simply require posting images or lots of images will be locked.
b. Threads that encourage users to copy and paste things from somewhere else on the Internet will be locked.
c. Threads that encourage chatting will be locked.
d. Threads that turn into any of the above will be locked.

4.) Behavior
a. Please conduct yourself in a respectful and courteous behavior. Be helpful to newbies instead of shoving the rules in their face or yelling at them. If they do something wrong, kindly inform them of the correct course of action.
b. Please do not post 'This needs to be locked.' or 'This is spam.' That won't get a moderator to the thread any faster and will work against you. We will delete these posts.
c. Excessive backseat modding and disrespectful and discourteous behavior will not be tolerated.

The mods may be mean and strict, but the Tavern is not an anything goes forum. We're here to maintain a certain level of decency to make sure everyone plays nice.

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