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hello whichever name you wish to take,this is Killersup's own little poetry corner.Whatever,post comments if you like,or just look at it and see if it relates to you.

stary false

Black moonlight fangs tear to shreads those of misunderstood
torturing those that were least of the loved
killing the hated of the brand
never to reach out of their hole
they only lie and wait for the ****ed to come
and have then chain their souls to the pickets
that the protesters carry upon their back.

liar liar

given titles of the ****ed
the black hooded man never once told a lie
but those of the programed
never had the powerfull man told truth
his words were liquid lies
spewing from the fountian of hate
the powerfull man kept on his way
intill it was but one day
that the powerfull man died
and the hooded man lived
still hated the hooded man felt no relef
but instead he could feel only grief
liar liar

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Welcome to the madhouse, Demons jumping up and down all filled with glee. this is satans blood worthy heart stopping biggest catastrophe.we come up to earth, taking all the children. and give them deadly smiles by slitting their faces open. We take their souls, and throw them in satans flame, watching as the world crys in deep sadness and grief. welcome to the madhouse, we are filled with joy, happy as can be. now take a seat and come die with me

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its time to ryme!!!

the horrid hands of the man
who was stuffed inside of a can
to die,whither away to die
but instead he was opened
and made into a pie
and he became lessend.
his fate was simple
his pride was small
he aces grew pimples
and he learnt to draw

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