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Recently there has been quite the scandal in Singapore, and I know atheists will love this one. I can't provide links on my phone, but Googling "City Harvest Church" should suffice. In a nutshell, one of our mega churches has been caught in a money scandal. Six of their top clergymen, including the pastor, have been nabbed for channeling up to 50 million dollars worth of donations into various personal uses, such as up to 23 million launching the pop music career of the pastor, with the flimsy excuse of spreading the gospel through her music.

Honestly, her music is worse than a bagpipe orchestra, and has all the sensibilities of a tap dancing oyster.

But the more serious matter at hand; are Churches today starting to deviate from what their supposedly "divine" mission truly is, and instead becoming money earning businesses? Do Churches need so much money? Should they be properly audited? The usual.

Go on, have a field day.

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