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Hello! I didn't find any Shadow Psycho guides, so i've just decided to make one. I hope it's good enough for you. =) So, let's begin!

Shadow Psychos derive their power from the very darkness, and most of their abilities "are quite situational, but some of the most powerful". Of course they(Shadow Psychos) cannot have great survival like Cold Hydros or deal tons of damage like Shock Psychos, but they can create balance between damage and survival. In this way, they can thrive in many tricky fights like no other. In fact, the main problem of all Psychos is Focus, because you lose it alot, and there's no way to restore it without sacrificing Health(unless you're a Shock Psycho). But still, by using right tactics and abilities Shadow Psycho is the easiest class for the Legend Run.

Easy to remember. From the most required to the least.

1. Instinct
2. Vitality
3. Speed
4. Strength

1. Vitality
2. Instinct
3. Strength
4. Speed

1. Strength
2. Vitality
3. Speed
4. Instinct

1. Vitality
2. Strength
3. Speed
4. Instinct

By using this guide, you will get ALL achievements except one.

"The Tape"
"Black Magic"(you'll have to turn a little trick)
"Legend"(this is what all guides are about)
"Jail Break"
"Old Ghosts"
"Over the Ashes"

As you've just noticed, "All Star" is missing, and you know why.

Now let's begin!

ZONE 1: New Alcatraz - The Iron Prison
Battle Progression:
Stage 1: (Level 1)Prison Guard
Stage 2: (Level 1)Prison Guard x2
Stage 3: (Level 2)Brutal Convict, Agile Convict
Stage 4: (Level 3)Brutal Convict, Cunning Convict, Agile Convict
Stage 5: (Level 4)Doctor Leath, Prison Guard x2
Stage 6: (Level 4)Twisted Experiment
Stage 7: (Level 5)The Warden
Stage 8: (Level 5)Doctor Hedger, Frankie
Stage 9: (Level 6)ZPCI Elite
Stage 10: (Level 6)Felicity

Ability Progression:
Level 1: Dark Echoes (1/4), Destruction (1/4), Terrify (1/4), Free Will (1/4), Traumatize (1/2)
Level 2: Traumatize (2/2)
Level 3: Free Will (2/4)
Level 4: Free Will (3/4)
Level 5: Free Will (4/4)
Level 6: Salvation (1/4)

Level 1 Ability Bar:
Dark Infusion, Corruption, Free Will x3, Traumatize, Destruction, Dark Echoes

Level 2 Ability Bar:
Dark Infusion, Corruption, Free Will x3, Traumatize x2, Dark Echoes

Level 6 Ability Bar:
Dark Infusion, Corruption, Free Will x2, Traumatize x2, Salvation, Dark Echoes

Item Store Gear:
Buy Frosted Gloves and EMD Blade from the Item Store. The Gloves will be yours till Level 11.


Prison Guard: Easy. Re-Spec and put all 19 attribute points into Vitality.

Prison Guard x2: Easy. Now Dark Infusion/Dark Echoes - Corruption is your strongest combo(you'll use in in most of the fights).
Brutal Convict, Agile Convict: Again easy. Hopefully you'll get Crow Bar.

Brutal Convict, Cunning Convict, Agile Convict: Pretty easy. Try to kill Cunning Convict asap.

Doctor Leath, Prison Guard x2: Easy, but a bit tricky. Kill the Doctor first, then the Guards.

Twisted Experiment: This is the fight where you earn the combo of the whole game. If you're good at Focus, use this: Traumatize - Dark Echoes - Corruption, if you have low Focus, use this: Traumatize - Dark Infusion(on yourself) - Dark Echoes. There's nothing you can do with Withdrawal(except Veradux dispels it), then repeat the comboes above. Still an easy fight.

The Warden: Again easy. Use the above methods and you'll be fine. You can replay this fight for Persecution, but you don't need to.

Doctor Hedger, Frankie: A tricky fight, it's a bit difficult to kill the Doctor without stunning him or Frankie, but try to stun Frankie. After he's dead, it's easy. Frankie is a Hot Hydro and often uses Impair and Bloodshed which drain 8% of his Health each other. Just constantly use Dark Infusion, Corruption and Dark Echoes. Keep Green Fuel Tank. This one will be yours till Level 11.

ZPCI Elite: Again easy. Just use Twisted Experiment's combo and you'll win. However, hope that Veradux dispels Auxillary Power. Replay till you get Standard Rifle and equip it on yourself.

Felicity: Tricky, but easy. Keep using Twisted Experiment's combo throughout the whole fight. If Veradux lets behind, Free Will him. You cannot prevent her from casting Serious Business(if only she could cast it in Zone 5 =( ), but you'll lower her to 475 Health and win the fight.

Achievement Get!
The Tape!

ZONE 2: Oberursel - The Frozen Village
Battle Progression:
Stage 1: (Level 7)Frost Zombie
Stage 2: (Level 7)Roald, Insurgent - Cut Scene
Stage 3: (Level 8)Frost Terror, Frost Zombie x2
Stage 4: (Level 8)Knight
Stage 5: (Level 9)Knight, Priest
Stage 6: (Level 9)Frost Lord
Stage 7: (Level 9)Knight, Mage, Priest
Stage 8: (Level 10)Knight, Mage x2
Stage 9: (Level 10)Cult Leader
Stage 10: (Level 11)Baron Brixius
Stage 11: (Level 11)Knight, Mage, Priest - Cut Scene
Stage 12: (Level 11)ZPCI Elite, Armored Hound x2
Stage 13: (Level 11)Captain Hunt, ZPCI Sniper, ZPCI Medic

Ability Progression:
Level 7: Salvation (2/4)
Level 8: Salvation (3/4)
Level 9: Salvation (4/4)
Level 10: Dark Echoes (2/4)
Level 11: Dark Echoes (3/4)

Item Store Gear:
Buy X5C8-3 for you and Veradux and X5C8-2 for yourself. You might also want to buy Cloaking Helm and Dissident's Crest for Veradux.


Frost Zombie: Easy. Yse Twisted Experiment's combo =). Hope that Veradux dispels Recuperating. Replay this fight till you'll get Frosted Leggings. Keep them till Zone 3.

Roald, Insurgent: Cut Scene. You get Roald!

Frost Terror, Frost Zombie x2: A tough and tricky fight. Here you should cast Salvation on Veradux and keep him on Phalanx, attack the top Zombie and then the bottom one and keep Frost Terror stunned as long as possible. Use Free Will if you need to. There's nothing you can do with Recuperating, so you should counter it with your damage. After one Zombie is dead, it's easy.

Knight: Very easy. To deal quite a bit of damage, Dark Echoes - Corruption him.

Knight, Priest: Not hard, but VERY annoying. Keep Traumatizing the Priest and drain his Focus so that he could have 10 or less, then attack like mad when he casts Re-Focusing. The problem is that the Knight often casts Guarded, but you may Traumatize him before the Priest casts Re-Focusing. After he is dead, it's simple. Replay till you'll get Frosted Light, a perfect weapon for Veradux till Zone 4.

Frost Lord: Pretty easy. Immediately Traumatize him twice to drain his Focus, or he will cast Reconstruct. Then keep using TE's combo. Hope that Veradux dispels Recuperating and you won't get Mind Freeze.

Knight, Mage, Priest: Well, many classes have problems with this fight, but not Shadow Psychos. Again cast Salvation on Veradux, keep him on Phalanx and keep the Priest under Traumatize. Attack like mad while the Priest is under Re-Focusing. Try to kill him asap. Then go all on to the Mage. If somebody gets Doom, you might dispel it by using Free Will. When he has less than 600 Health left, Traumatize him twice and put your teammates on Relentless. Hopefully the Knight won't Guard him and you will get in time. If not, well, under Energy Phase the Mage receives much more damage. After he is dead, it's easy. Replay till you'll get Fiery Doom, the weapon of your choice till Zone 4(!).

Knight, Mage x2: Easier than the previous one. Yes, that sounds crazy, but it actually is! Cast Salvation on Veradux and keep him on Phalanx 99% of the time. The main problem of all classes(except Cold Hydros)is that if a teammate gets two Dooms at the same time, you can say goodbye to him. But not for Shadow Psychos! Just cast Free Will and hope it dispels at least one. Attack the bottom Mage and lower him to 600 Health, then Traumatize him twice and try to kill him. Use the same strategy while attacking the top Mage. Don't worry about Energy Phase, it will be a bit easier to kill him. If both of them are dead, it's simple. If you didn't get Fiery Doom in the previous fight, try to get it here.

Cult Leader: Not that hard, but tricky, because he uses Focus-scaling attacks(Wreck, Demolish and Decimate). Under Salvation, Veradux should be able to heal his damage off. You might want to Traumatize him twice, but i suggest using old good TE's combo. If you've forgotten, Traumatize - Dark Echoes - Corruption or Traumatize - Dark Infusion(on yourself) - Dark Echoes. Lower him to 29xx and he reveals his true form. Replay till you'll get Runeblade.

Baron Brixius: It's great that we have Free Wills, because they will be in need during this fight. The Baron's weakness is Focus, so Traumatize him twice(when the Baron is stunned, cast Salvation on Veradux), then hope that he won't cast Tick Tock. If he does, Free Will yourself or a teammate. Lower his Focus to 10, and he will cast Deep Burning. When it is active, use Dark Echoes to max out the damage. Keep doing this till he casts Holy Scars, then hit him as hard as you can. Now he starts casting nasty Shadow debuffs. What's worse, he often combines them, but Free Will dispels them. Keep attacking and he's done for! If you get Unholy Runeblade, SAVE IT! But don't equip it on Roald till Zone 3.

Knight, Mage, Priest: Cut Scene. Yes, Carl, your master is one of them.

ZPCI Elite, Armored Hound x2: Tricky, but easy. Attack the top Hound, but the problem is that Dark Echoes and Corruption will almost always be missing, so use Dark Infusion instead. Keep Veradux on Phalanx and under Salvation, because the Hounds hit hard. Stun the Elite whenever he has Aim for the Heart. Free Will someone if you need to. After one Hound is dead, it's much easier. Use the same strategy on the second one, and eventually it will die. After that, use old good TE's combo and the Elite wil be done for. Replay till you'll get X5C8-1. Still an easy fight.

Captain Hunt, ZPCI Sniper, ZPCI Medic: Believe me or not, it's easy! As always, keep Veradux on Phalanx and under Salvation. The first target is the Sniper. Traumatize him whenever he has both Lock and Load and Crouch on. Free Will someone if he(teammate)lets behind. Try to break the Sniper's shield before it wears out. By doing this, you should kill the Sniper pretty fast and hope that Veradux will dispel Hunt's Marked for Death. Then go all on to the Medic. While attacking him, keep the Captain stunned as long as possible. Should be easy. After the Medic is dead, it's awesome! You should be able to break the Captain's Desparate shield and lower his Health/kill him.
Note: Got it on my first try. I lost Roald though(just because i didn't have enough Focus to cast Salvation or Traumatize Hunt, and Free Will didn't help).

Achievement Get!

ZONE 3: Ivory Line - The Train
Battle Progression:
Stage 1: (Level 12)Spectre
Stage 2: (Level 12)ZPCI Elite x2
Stage 3: (Level 12)Spectre x2
Stage 4: (Level 13)Phantom, Beast, Antagonist
Stage 5: (Level 13)The Hobo
Stage 6: (Level 13)The Real Hobo
Stage 7: (Level 14)The Host
Stage 8: (Level 14)Spectre x3
Stage 9: (Level 14)Clemons the Deceiver

Ability Progression:
Level 12: Dark Echoes (4/4)
Level 13: Tenacity (1/5)
Level 14: Tenacity (2/5)

Item Store Gear:
This one is almost useless, but if someone has low Vitality, buy Misted Greaves and/or Ringmail Wraps.


Spectre: Easy. Just use Dark Echoes - Corruption.

ZPCI Elite x2: Your first and serious challenge, the 4th hardest fight for Shadow Psychos. Just because the only way to prevent them from using Aim for the Heart is to stun them, and Traumatize's cooldown is a bit long. This means you might get unlucky and don't have Traumatize ready when the Elite cast Aim for the Heart. To survive, keep Veradux on Phalanx and under Salvation and cast Free Will to counter damage. Constantly use Dark Echoes and Corruption. When one Elite is done, it's easy due to TE's combo. Hope they'll drop Old ZPCI Helm/Old ZPCI Armor/Old ZPCI Boots(it'd be better if they drop the Boots, they'll be yours till Zone 6).

Spectre x2: Easy. If you want, you can Traumatize one Spectre while damaging the other one.

Phantom, Beast, Antagonist: Tricky and tough, but not that hard. First Phantom, then Beast, then Antagonist. Play defense, constantly use Dark Infusion, Dark Echoes, Corruption and Free Will and you'll win. Hope that Antagonist won't Mind Freeze you.

The Hobo: Easy, just Free Will if someone has too many Bad Smells and hope he won't Pity you.

The Real Hobo: Easier. Hope he will have Hobo's Life, Groggy, Drunk and Diseased at the same time.

The Host: Easy, just use TE's combo.

Spectre x3: Slightly tough. Again play defense, constantly use Dark Echoes and Corruption. Traumatize one of them to have less problems. During this fight you will use Free Will lots of times. If one Spectre is dead, it'easy. Keep using this and eventually you will win.

Clemons the Deceiver: Tricky. From now on you'll keep your teammates on Relentless 50% of the time because of his Unknown Condition. Keep attacking him till he has ~11k of his Health. Then he uses nasty Shadow debuffs(Collapse, Insecurity, Nightmare, Decay), but Free Will easily dispels them. At this point put Roald back to Tactical and Veradux to Phalanx. Cast Salvation if you need to. Constantly use Dark Echoes and Corruption and lower his Health to ~5k. He will cast True Form. Now attack like mad and put your teammates on Relentless to deal the most damage. He should die very fast.

Well, what about Black Magic? For that, before passing it by using the above methods, Re-Spec and switch all your teammates OFF. To have it a bit shorter, make sure Autosave is OFF. So, after Re-Spec, put your attribute points into Vitality, and your ability points into:
Shock Therapy (1/3)
High Voltage (1/4)
Shock Coma (3/3)
Terrify (1/4)
Free Will (1/4)
Betray (1/4)
Retrograde (2/2)
Overdrive (1/1)

Ability Bar:
High Voltage x2, Shock Coma x2, Retrograde

Yeah, you've got that right. Use the combo:
High Voltage - High Voltage - Shock Coma - Shock Coma - High Voltage - Retrograde

At that point, you should have Unknown Condition, which'll turn Overdrive's DoT into HoT, and your combo - Hot into Dot.

Now Re-Start the game, choose your slot and click "Achievements". What do you see?

Achievement Get!
Black Magic!

ZONE 4: Labyrinth - Tunnel of Illusions
Battle Progression:
Stage 1: (Level 15)Tunnel Beast
Stage 2: (Level 15)Vivan Vixen
Stage 3: (Level 15)Gregor
Stage 4: (Level 16)Shunny
Stage 5: (Level 16)The Magical Monkey
Stage 6: (Level 16)Mokoshotar
Stage 7: (Level 17)Bunny
Stage 8: (Level 17)Flower Zombie
Stage 9: (Level 17)Fire Claw x2, The Hydra
Stage 10: (Level 18)Tunnel Worker x3 - Cut Scene

Ability Progression
Level 15: Tenacity (3/5)
Level 16: Tenacity (4/5)
Level 17: Tenacity (5/5)
Level 18: Insecurity (1/3)

Level 18 Ability Bar:
Dark Infusion, Corruption, Dark Echoes, Traumatize x2, Salvation, Free Will, Insecurity

Item Store Gear:
This store is extremely useful! Buy two Frozen Runeblades and two Lavastone Barriers for yourself and Veradux. Acidic Leggings would also be very useful. Buy Spark Gloves if you're good at Vitality and Dystopian Lightning if you didn't get Old ZPCI Boots. Rusted Grasp will be useful for Veradux.

Tunnel Beast: Easy. Use TE's combo.

Vivan Vixen: Again easy. Traumatize her twice when Vulpes Dolosus has 4 rounds left, then OHKO her.

Gregor: A nasty enemy(because of Roach Vitality), however, it's easy, just drain his Focus and then use TE's combo.

Shunny: You can call him "The second Twisted Experiment", so use the combo. There's nothing you can do with Withdrawal, so just wait till it runs out. If you find this battle hard, cast Salvation on Veradux. Warning! Don't let him have 40 Focus or more, or he will cast Reform.

The Magical Monkey: Easy, but to begin with, modify TE's combo a bit: Traumatize - Salvation - Dark Infusion(on yourself), then use the original one. Be carefui, it(the monkey) deals tons of damage.

Mokoshotar: Put a teammate on Relentless if he gets Were-Wolf. Shield if someone gets behind. Still an easy fight.

Bunny: Pretty easy, but tricky. Use this combo: Traumatize - Anything - Traumatize - Dark Infusion(on yourself) - Dark Echoes - Corruption(optional, if the Bunny has Holy Hand Grenade on). Put all your teammates on Relentless when Holy Hand Grenade is active. If he hits hard, Salvation/Free Will should work.

Flower Zombie: This fight is basically luck. If he casts Tie Dye on someone, put all your teammates on Relentless. Hope he won't combine Peace and Love and Good Trip which make him almost invincible. Attack like mad when he casts Bad Trip. He also deals quite a bit of damage with Feel Da Reggae Mon and Flower Power, so pud Veradux on Phalanx. I think TE's combo will be perfect here. Pretty long, but you'll make it. Replay till you'll get both DeathBone Armor and Flamboyant Leggings - they will be yours till Zone 6.

Fire Claw x2, The Hydra: Oh, what a long and annoying fight! Fire Claws are something like Armored Hounds, and almost all your attacks will miss. So the ability of our choice is Dark Infusion. Again keep Veradux on Phalanx and under Salvation to heal off Burns and Burning Acid. Sometimes you might get a crit hit(~275), but still Fire Claws have HIGH Shadow Defense. The strategy is: keep The Hydra stunned as long as possible and hit Fire Claws with Dark Infusion. By doing this, one Fire Claw will die(but it'll take LOTS of turns). Repeat to kill the second one. Then attack The Hydra. Luckily it doesn't have SUCH a great SD. How do we kill it? Well, we should use TE's combo again. When its Health is lower than 19k, it starts casting Poison Abilities(Corrosion, Envenom, Infect). Beware of Potent Toxin and hope The Hydra doesn'l use it on you. Eventually you'll lower its Health to 9k. Now the fight is much easier, and Epinephrine might even help you! Heart Attack is not that critical, even if you have Epinephrine on. Keep using TE's combo and it'll die! Replay this fight till you'll get Emerald Death, a perfect weapon for Roald!

Achievement Get!

Tunnel Worker x3: Cut Scene. You get Mining Helms and Mining Shirts. SAVE THEM. It'll be impossible to fight the enemies of Zone 5 without them!

ZONE 5: Hew - The Dystopia
Battle Progression:
Stage 1: (Level 18)Riot Police
Stage 2: (Level 18)Riot Police, Blood Hound
Stage 3: (Level 18)Secret Police x2
Stage 4: (Level 19)Police Colonel
Stage 5: (Level 19)Felicity - Cut Scene
Stage 6: (Level 19)Care Taker, Blood Hound x2
Stage 7: (Level 19)Android Guard, Riot Police x2
Stage 8: (Level 20)Specialist, Android Guard x2
Stage 9: (Level 20)Mayor, ZPCI Ambassador - Cut Scene
Stage 10: (Level 20)City Council x2
Stage 11: (Level 21)Secret Police, Android Guard, Specialist
Stage 12: (Level 21)Specialist, Blood Hound x2
Stage 13: (Level 21)Secret Police, Android Guard x2
Stage 14: (Level 21)Mayor, Guardian Cannon

Ability Progression:
Level 19: Insecurity (2/3)
Level 20: Insecurity (3/3)
Level 21: Confinement (1/4)

Item Store Gear:
Very useful. Titanium Runners will increase Vitality, so buy them for your teammates. Buy Grips of Command, Caretaker's Stompers(again, if you didn't get Old ZPCI Boots)and Law Binder for yourself. But you can use them only after defeating City Council x2.


Riot Police: Easy. Now that you have Insecurity, your combo is: Insecurity - Dark Echoes - Corruption. Should be simple.

Riot Police, Blood Hound: A bit harder. Keep Riot police stunned while attacking the Hound with Dark Infusion. After it's dead, the battle is yours.

Secret Police x2: They don't deal too much damage, so kill one by repeatedly using Darkness combo(i'll name it so): Insecurity - Dark Echoes - Corruption. Stun the second Secret Police if you need to. Then go for the second one. Should be easy enough.

Police Colonel: A tricky fight of luck. Traumatize him twice, cast Salvation and use Free Will and Dark Infusion. When he casts Reloading, hit him with Darkness combo and put your teammates on Relentless. Do not forget to stun the Colonel when Guns Blazing is on. Keep playing defense and you'll win.

Felicity: Cut Scene. You get Felicity. Swap Roald for her. Give Mining Helment and Emerald Death to her and find the gear of Strength and Vitality. You can also equip her with the Colonel's gear(except Colonel's Helm and Guardian Armor).

Care Taker, Blood Hound: An empowered version of ZPCI Elite and Armored Hound x2 from Zone 2, except the Care Taker is weak. The strategy is: keep the top Hound stunned while attacking the bottom one with Dark Infusion. Felicity's damage should be high enough to kill it. Repeat this to kill the top one. After both Hounds are dead, the battle is yours.

Android Guard, Riot Police x2: Oh, the 2nd hardest fight for a Shadow Psycho. Again, Veradux, Phalanx, Salvation. To survive, keep using Free Will(it dispels many Physical debuffs). Keep the top Riot Police stunned while attacking the bottom one. Use Darkness combo if conditions are great. Android Guard just wastes his turns while using Force Field, Guarded and Re-Focusing, so it might save the whole fight. There's nothing you can do with First Aid, so wait till it runs out. Hopefully you'll kill him before someone dies. Now keep Android Guard stunned while attacking the Police. Use Darkness combo to deal more damage. Hope the Guard won't cast Guarded. After the other Police is done, it's easy. Just Traumatize him when Force Field is only 1 turn away for being re-casted. Hit him as hard as you can when the Guard is under Re-Focusing. Eventually he will die. Congrats, you've just won one of the hardest fights in the entrie game for a Shadow Psycho!

Note: Got it on my first try. I lost Veradux though, and the fight was the real Hell for me.

Specialist, Android Guard x2: Easier than the previous one. Play defense, keep Traumatizing Specialist and use Darkness combo on him. Try to kill him asap. Because of Insecurity, it'll be much easier to kill him(reduces Speed by 25%). Very often the Guards waste their turns Guarding each other, this might save a teammate. After he's dead, turn on the one who has the least Focus. Attack like mad when he's Traumatized/under Re-Focusing and doesn't have Force Field or Guarded on. Use the same methods to kill the second one. Tricky, but you still can make it.

Mayor, ZPCI Ambassador: Cut Scene. You're getting closer...

City Council x2: A tough fught. Because of their nasty Cosmic debuffs, keep playing defense, keep the top one stunned while attacking the bottom one. Free Will if you need to. Again Darkness combo is pretty effective against them. After one is dead, attack the second one like mad, Traumatize if his Focus is 1800 or more. Hope he won't Court Order you. Keep attacking and you'll win!

Secret Police, Android Guard, Specialist: A bit tricky, but easy. Attack the Specialist first. Keep lowering his Focus and using Darkness combo. Be wary of his debuffs, they're weird. Eventually he'll die. Then attack Secret Police if Android Guard has lots of Focus of Android Guard if he is under Re-Focusing. Darkness combo is your strongest attack. If you're going for the Police, hope that the Guard won't shield him. If one is dead, the battle is yours.

Specialist, Blood Hound x2: The 3rd hardest fight for a Shadow Psycho. Keep Mining Helms, Lavastone Barriers and Frozen Runeblades, the battle is impassible(cannot be passed) without them. Sounds crazy, but keep the Specialist stunned while killing the top Hound by Dark Infusion. Remember putting Veradux to Phalanx and casting Salvation and Free Will(dispels Physical debuffs). Once one hound is done, do the same with the second one. Hope that all your teammates are alive. Then keep the Specialist under Darkness combo OR... Old good TE's! Under these combos, he'll die. Congrats, another hard fight is over!
Note: Got it on my first try. I lost Felicity though, and ALL Hounds were alive. But Defense did its work.

Secret Police, Android Guard x2: Much easier. Attack the police first. Use Darkness combo, and he'll die. Then use the same strategy as in Specialst, Android Guard x2, and they'll die too. Really easy.

Mayor, Guardian Cannon: So, you've managed to get this far... This is it, the hardest fight in the entrie game for a Shadow Psycho. Attack the Cannon first. Keep Veradux - Phalanx - Salvation. Use Darkness combo on it. The problem is that you don't have enough time to kill the Cannon before the Mayor casts Enraged. It also uses Shatter-like attack which scales with its Focus, so you'll even have to Traumatize it! Hope that you'll kill the Cannon with all teammates alive. Now keep Traumatizing the Mayor and keep casting Free Will to dispel Peace, Unity and/or Equality. You cannot prevent him from using Team Sacrifice, Destroy Healing and Destroy Damage. Hope he casts Destroy Healing on you. After that, the only way to survive is... Yes, TE's combo(Traumatize - Dark Echoes - Corruption/Traumatize - Dark Infusion(on yourself) - Dark Echoes) is back again! Keep using it and Darkness combo to highly damage him. If he has less than ~10k of his Health, he will cast Retrograde. At that point, Traumatize him or simply skip the turn and preventually put your teammates on Phalanx. His old Lightning debuffs are easily dspelled by Free Will. Keep using the methods above and he'll die!
CONGRATULATIONS! You've just defeated the hardest fight for a Shadow Psycho and completed the main story!

Achievement Get!

ZONE 6: II Sanctus - The Supreme Court
Battle Progression:
Stage 1: Metal Warden
Stage 2: The Bomb
Stage 3: Nostalgia
Stage 4: The Judge

From now on train yourself and ALL your teammates(including Roald)to Level 30.

Ability Progression:
Level 22: Confinement (2/4)
Level 23: Confinement (3/4)
Level 24: Confinement (4/4)
Level 25: Betray (1/4)
Level 26: Retrograde (1/2)
Level 27: Retrograde (2/2)
Level 28: Destruction (2/4)
Level 29: Destruction (3/4)
Level 30: Destruction (4/4)

Item Store Gear:
Metal Warden's suit is very important for Roald, so buy Sight of Pursuit for him. You'll give Nostalgia's suit to Veradux, so buy Calf Hooks. If you're a collector as i am, buy everything except Enforcer Rifle.


Metal Warden: Jail Break requires only one teammate, so bring along Veradux for healing. Our enemy is just an empowered version of the original Warden, so use Darkness combo and TE's combo and you'll win.

Achievement Get!
Jail Break!

The Bomb: Make sure that your teammates are OFF. Re-Spec and get:
Shock Theraphy (1/3)
High Voltage (1/4)
Shock Coma (3/3)
Terrify (1/4)
Free Will (4/4)
Betray (1/4)
Retrograde (2/2)
Overdrive (1/1)
Traumatize (2/2)

Ability Bar:
High Voltage x2, Shock Coma x2, Traumatize x2, Free Will, Retrograde

Do you remember the combo?
High Voltage - High Voltage - Shock Coma - Shock Coma - High Voltage - Retrograde...

Achievement Get!

Nostalgia: Again easy. Make sure your teammates are OFF.
Traumatize - Free Will - Traumatize - High Voltage - High Voltage(if you miss, you'll have to restart) - Shock Coma - Shock Coma - High Voltage - Retrograde...

Achievement Get!
Old Ghosts!

The Judge: Put your teammates back and Re-Spec to the original. Pretty easy, just hope she won't cast Apprehend on you. Repeated TE's combo and Darkness combo will shut her down with ease.

Well, there's only one Zone left...

ZONE 7: Sho'Tul Shelf - The Divided Cliff
Battle Progression:
Stage 1: Doctor Klima
Stage 2: North Guardian, South Guardian
Stage 3: Yosuke
Stage 4: Versu the Corruptor, Orb of Sanctuary, Orb of Restraint

Item Store Gear:
The most useful and important store in the game. Buy Cryptic suit for yourself, Furious suit for Felicity and Velocious Handplates and Legplates.


Doctor Klima: Easy. Replace Insecurity with Retrograde. Wait for two turns, then cast Retrograde. After that, use the combo: Traumatize - Anything - Traumatize - Anything - Retrograde, repeat, and he'll die. The suit he drops is the best BALANCED suit for Veradux.

North Guardian, South Guardian: Dump Veradux, add Felicity and equip Velotious Handplates and Legplates on yourself. Re-Spec and get:
Shock Therapy (1/3)
High Voltage (1/4)
Shock Coma (3/3)
Tenacity (5/5)
Terrify (1/4)
Free Will (4/4)
Betray (1/4)
Retrograde (2/2)
Overdrive (1/1)
Epiphany (1/4)
Psychopath Form (1/1)
Traumatize (2/2)

Ability Bar:
High Voltage x2, Shock Coma x2, Traumatize x2, Psychopath Form, Retrograde

Put your Attribute Points mainly into Vitality, then into Speed.

Put your teammates on Phalanx, then use the combo on the South Guardian:
High Voltage - High Voltage - Shock Coma - Shock Coma - High Voltage - Retrograde.
After that, use the combo on the North Guardian:
Traumatize - Psychopath Form - Traumatize - High Voltage - High Voltage(if he hits you, restart) - Shock Coma - Shock Coma - High Voltage - Retrograde...

Goodbye, Twin Guardians!

Yosuke: Easy. Put in a Free Will for Psychopath Form. Use this:
Traumatize - Free Will - Traumatize - High Voltage - High Voltage(if he hits you, restart) - Shock Coma - Shock Coma - Retrograde...
The weapon and the suit he drops are perfect for Roald.

Versu The Corruptor, Orb of Sanctuary, Orb of Restraint: Re-Spec to the original, equip your Cryptic Handplates and Legplates back and get Roald in Yosuke's suit and Veradux in Dr. Klima's. Give Mending Beacon and Blast Shield to Veradux. At the beginning of the fight put your teammates on Relentless so that they could attack Orb of Sanctuary only. Now it's up to you to kill the Corruptor. Just keep using TE's combo and Darkness combo. When she has ~13k of her Health, your teammates will attack and finish her with you. Well, one of the easiest fights in the game.
CONGRATULATIONS! You've just completed the game!

Achievement Get!
Over The Ashes!

Well, thank you for reading! I hope this walkthrough will help you to pass the game! Good luck playing Sonny 2! =)

P.S. - If you didn't get it why i asked you to keep Crow Bar... Equip Veradux with Surgeon's suit and give him Crow Bar. GOT IT? xD

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The guide is very helpful, but the council x2 is really hard to defeat so I find other strategies and re-spec, forget about salvation and free will and replace it with shock coma, traumatize x2, confine(to reduce healing), echoed screams and insecurity.

Felicity in relentless and veradux in phalanx(when the other council is dead, keep em both in relentless

shock coma the top one then traumatize til the other one dies, then attack the bottom with the darkness combo. After that keep on stunning the remaining foe and Darkness combo/TE combo him.

That's what I did and it works. Here's the guide

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Not gonna lie this legend guide is meh on the build. It doesn't use Shadow Psycho's strongest strengths which is Epiphany + Insecurity. Overdrive may be a pain to deal with but your damage output far exceeds any other Shadow Psycho build.

Your ability bar should look like this: Dark Infusion, Corruption, Free Will, Epiphany, Insecurity, Traumatize, Psychopath form and the last is interchangeable on what you want. Dark Echoes or Implosion for more damage or another Free will or Traumatize for more survivability.

Your DoT combo is Epiphany<Insecurity<Dark Infusion<Dark Infusion<Dark Echoes or Implosion. Depending on your spec. Dark Echoes for more reliable damage and Implosion for insane burst potential but with the added risk of it being ruined by the opponent using a Heal over Time effect. You don't need to hard commit to this if you don't want to either. A simple Epiphany + Insecurity combo will do plenty of damage on it's own and allow you to support your teammates or stun a different target if you need to.

During the battle with hunt you need to hard focus on the sniper. Which is difficult cuz you need to stun the sniper when it buffs itself and you need to prevent the medic from healing him when you do get through the shield. As with the DoT combo getting through the shield is quite easy due to the immense damage output of it.

Roald should be kept on aggressive for the most part. Only take him off in order to get him to apply his healing buff. You want Veradux to be defensive for the most part but put him in aggressive state to finish off or remove buffs from the target you're taking down.

Psychopath form is taken to do two things. Power up your insane damage output even further, prevent yourself from losing health due to Overdrive for 5 TURNS or to just recover your health and focus. It is a great ability that gives you both damage and survivability.

Another option is Retrograde which can be used defensively and offensively. The only issue is that using it defensively is difficult due to the sometimes random nature of the opponent attacking. Even if a character might die from a hit the enemy hit decide to hit someone else. wasting the use of it. But it is a very powerful counter to the opponent healing if you can predict it's behavior. Only issue is with Roald and Veradux possibly attacking.

One move that could be comboed with Retrograde on the opponent is Nightmare. Nightmare is the most damaging ability the class possesses but the HoT after effect makes it less desirable. Pair this with Retrograde to prevent them from healing it back up and finishing them off if they don't die from it's massive damage.

The fight against the Hydra is tedious but not hard. You need to fill your ability bar with traumatize, free will and insecurity for the pacifist achievement. Maybe Destruction as well if you specced for it. With a maxed out Free Will your teammates should have decent healing. Traumatize targets your teammates aren't attacking since it reduces damage by 50%. Preferably the Hydra itself since it'll waste a turn regaining its mana. If you're lucky Roald may hit it with a silence which actually prevents it from doing anything but regain focus.

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I hope I get a response. I am following this guide but I don't find Zone 2 stage 12 easy. Most of the time, I die before I can kill the first dog. On the off chance that I do kill 1 dog, my focus is always going to be zero because of that green debuff that drains my focus. I am guaranteed to lose because I won't be able to stun the elite a 2nd time due to always have zero focus and because that stupid debuff stacks, using dark infusion on myself doesn't work. For some reason, they mostly target only me. Is there something you left out?

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No longer need a response. After many tries, I was able to beat the dogs but had a lot of trouble with the captain hunt battle. After even more tries, I found a better guide which not only worked, but made it very easy. Here's the guide:

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Following this guide by the letter will not even get me past the warden. It's better to use the free 19 points from the first respec to increase instinct. Dumping them all into vitality makes your character way too weak in terms of damage which makes it much harder to clear battles from twisted experiment, and onwards. Your initial skill choices are also questionable. Freewill isnt all that good imo, and i found it better to maximise dark echoes and shock therapy instead. I'm also not sure why your stats attribution is so vague, fairly useless section of the guide.

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