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Hi ppl!

I'm quite new to this forum so you probably don't recognize my nick... ok i'm not pretty new this is actually my first post.

Hi I'm Andreas, like that and that, i love armorgames etc etc... Now to my message

I'm a 18 years old amateur music producer who would love to help you out with the music for your next game/movie/stageperformance or whatever! Please have a listen at my Youtubechannel and see if theres anything there you like that you want to use. Please contact me then!

Heres my Youtube channel:
Heres my Soundcloud account:

I can also make music on request, so if you know somewhat what kind of music you would like, don't be afraid to contact me! I can do most kind of music (not metal and rap, haha)

Contact me on:

Ok, this feels like it became an advertisementpost, wasn't really meant to be. haha.

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