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CAPER: Crazyape's Assembled Poetic Emotional Refrigeration

And here then we shall lie to rest the mind of one of the minors of the intellectual world. Pun intended.

To start, my first and foremost sentimental slothfulness.

The Seasons

In the cool of these days
I lie in the grass and contemplate
In a fresh and gentle haze
These beautiful breezes of late
I long for times to go on forever
But alas, they always stay never

Through the days of heat
I long for the autumn
Through this swelting waves to beat
A cold, wet column
Like a fresh breath of life
To end this heated strife

In these months so gold
When fresh joy enchants
The colours grow bold
With gusts of cool windy rants
I fear my life is gone
When these perfect days move on

Like a renewal of heart
These ages are bathed in white
When gone are the times of hurt
Here the young are fresh with delight
Sweet peace, joy, and love
Soon flies away like a dove

Ah, this grey season
It is how I am alive
It ends without reason
It all too soon doesn't arrive
When this season is gone
To the afterlife, I move on


It's been so long
I've been down here
The past is my prologue
I don't want to stay
Don't stray close, or near
Unless you've come to take me away

It's been so long
Into the blue
That i've been gone
I used to gaze into the view
Now, all that's left
A broken heart
A mind of twisted heft
I'm not going to be inert
I've got to stand up

I look into the skies
And I see no joy
Maybe love is so many lies
it's all a clever ploy
Now I take my revenge
I stride boldly out
I step on my enemies' bodies
Nobody can stop my powerout
I walk through the nobodies

First I feel the quiet creeping
The fear takes hold
Sadness in my heart sleeping
Comes out and is of old

I pause, stop, halt.....

.....I notice....

...Love is gone

I smile, death
I wink, pain
IN your lungs no breath
IN your struggling no gain

My soul, my life, my joy
I watch them suffer
Yes, my pleasures annoy
For my wrath there is no buffer

To save myself, you I've destroyed
Your words are mixed up, unintelligable
My hatred not even God can avoid
My head spins, I watch you become circumsual
It's a headache, it's hell
Pain, anger deep in my soul, well
Back: now Forth goes the Legion

Now I'm back for more
My presence the most patient abhore
But the devils do me adore
Angel's heads my wall's decor
I move my feet, sinister gyrations
I dance the waltz of Death
I tempt Wrath's endless frustrations
I'm going to live soon
Mourn for the arrival of my Scourge
I dance to Satan's tune
And sing love's dirge

The Relativist
Black, Red, Green, Green, Yellow
These colors are so harsh, yet so mellow
I am the goblin beneath your pillow
I am your terrible destiny
Who are you to me?

Blue, Gold, Teal, Cyan
I am your life's curse
Not a fearsome Ursan

I am the void of sense
With simian accents
Not quite what you think I am
Though a bit calamity


If and when you die
With sorrow so would I
But I ain't got nothin' to lose
If you ran away, from me
I'd spend my life looking for clues
Really, I got nothin' to lose

So when my heart is broke
I wont really care anymore
'Cause I got nothin' to lose
I'll ne'er again on tears choke
I never had feelings for you

All I did was a front
To hide from boredom's brunt
I'm not ashamed to say at all
I got nothin' to lose

Anyone who thinks I am something I've faught
Probably sees a smiling face, and laughter in my eyes
But when all's said and done, all my battles have been won
But I really don't smile alot
All I really am, is a storm cloud in a clear, blue, sky

Now you may be surprised, that someone like me
Would not have realised, you can live happily
Oh, I got nothin' to lose
It doesn't matter what I choose
It's sometimes win and always lose

When kingdom come, thy will be done, I'm drowning in an ocean
There's no help for me, you're wasting your time
I'm content in my depression
'Cause got nothin' to lose

Mixed Emotions

I gaze out at you
You smile back and turn away
I reach out my hand
You take it and smile
I give you my heart
You say you can't
I offer my love and you do too

When I need a friend
You're always there
But when I need love
You've got none to spare

You lied to me
I forgave you and asked if you loved me
You lied to me
And I believe you

But, I'm alright with that
Because to me your lie is the truth
All I need in life is you
Even though you hurt me
I still can't hate you

Now you're the reason I smile
You're why I'll thrive
I'll still strive awhile
You make me glad
That I'm not so sad

I can't express how you make me feel
You do to me what moonshine should
Just thinking about you is dramatic
It puts darkness back in the attic
I'm almost feeling good

When you leave, you take a piece of my heart
And a piece of my mind
When you come back, I can think again
The sun comes out, the waves roll in
There's nothing to compare
To that memory
Just me and you on the sunset beach

So, I think that went well.

No, it's not supposed to make sense, or be professional. You don't ask professionalism or rhythm of a frozen turkey carcass in a meat locker.

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