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Hey, welcome to the forum thread for that Free 3D Zombie Horror MMORPG which is advertised in Rebuild 2, Dead Frontier (nicknamed "DF&quot.

My main purpose for this thread is to find out how many people here have clicked that ad. (And I just mean that in a hypothetical way, I actually mean people here who play it.)

You may discuss about Dead Frontier only in the following ways:
-General Discussion
-Tips and Tactics
-Your Stories of your fights in Fairview.

(If you play DF, then I know what your thinking, and your right. I am just taking some of these topics directly from the DF forums. But understand, here we can help contribute/undermine to DF by saying how much we like/dislike it.)

But don't forget to also post these in Dead Frontier Forums, too.

P.S. I don't really mean that this thread can only undermine it or will even have more that 1/5 disliking it.

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