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Guess whoâs back? MEEEEEEE! I felt bad for leaving with all my loyal players waiting, so Iâve come back. And since the forums appear to be glitched right now, Iâll have to start back up from scratch! So Iâll start with this game, which is sure to pick up players quickly. To avoid the problem that caused my previous hosting downfall(too many people becomes overwhelming), only four people are allowed to join. If, however, you are one of my regular players I may reconsider letting one more in. So letâs get started!


I bet youâre already confused. Yes, this is not like in the other games where you have a choice between good and evil⦠This time you are attempting to destroy/conquer the world. It combines a few different things from previous games.

Story: A few days after Maizair(you all remember him?) dominates the entire world, he trips and falls on his own Doom Sword and dies. Anti-climax, I know. Everything is back to normal now. But while Maizairâs soul was diving down to the underworld, it touched, and entered the bodies of several small children; One of them being you. And if youâre wondering how it got to them underground, it was Kidnap a Kid and Take Them to Work day at the Dwarven mining tunnel. Your soul is now filled with anger, hatredâ¦and power. Since his soul was divided between several people, you will be powerful but not as powerful as him. Later you grow up and try to destroy the world, but letâs start back in the mining tunnelâ¦â¦â¦

Main character sheet: Only fill in the things COMPLETELY in parentheses.

Name: (Something reasonable)
Age: (20-30)
Gender: (Male or Female)
Race: (See below
Desc: (Physical description of your character)
Bio: (Short summary of your characters life. Remember, you donât know your parents.)
Inventory: Doom Sword
Weapon: Beginnerâs Doom Sword
Armor: Basic Necromancer Robes
Gold: 5000
(pick a starting one from below)
Empire Name: (You control an empire, give it a reasonable name)
Empire Population: 10
Allies: None (Races or groups that you trick into fighting with you for the time being)
Enemies: None (Races and groups at war with you, this will be filled quickly)
Military Power: (Add 1 point for each in the Soldier category)
You have 1000 points to spend on the following categories

Soldiers: (Adds to Military Power, used for attacks on large cities)
Slaves: (Supplies food for everyone, one Slave supplies food for 20 people a day. Though you only start with 10 people, your population will grow rapidly when you take over cities)
Scientists: (Does research, used for technological advances)
Miners: (Mines underground for useful resources or just an underground base)
Followers: Servant
Romance: (You can can in a love relationship with either another player or a fellow NPC necromancer/friend. You can either meet them while playing or fill in this section right now so you already have someone. Itâs much easier to fill it in now. Include a physical description, race and how you met. That person can help you with things such as taking over cities, burning down forests or managing the empire while your gone doing something else. But be sure to somehow occasionally let them know you love them, or else they might leave and betray you. Which is a serious threat, considering theyâre a powerful necromancer. And thatâs a new personal record for longest description of a section.)
Evil points: 0 (Shows how evil your reputation has become. This replaces the Good/Bad section because this game focuses on your evilness)

Flashback Character sheet: used for when you have flashbacks of when you were a child. Same things as above but with a few changes.

HP: 100/100
Friends: None
Evil points: 0


Human: You know these.
Bonus: Humans are a very lucky race, which gives them bonuses in things that rely on chance.
Starting Ability: Bribe; Humans can bribe guards into not arresting them for crimes. You just need 200 gold.

Wood Elf: Agile creatures, they prefer to live in forests. They have pointed ears and are slightly shorter than humans.
Bonus: Wood Elves are physically attractive (or as some of you may say it, "hot&quot, which helps them in persuasion and relationships.
Starting Ability: Animal Control; Wood Elves can call upon the power of wild animals to fight for them.

Night Elf: This is a nocturnal race, and they are well-trained in stealth.
Bonus: To be nocturnal, Night Elves have developed night-vision eyes.

Orc: This race is obsessed with war, and do not like outsiders in their territory.
Bonus: Orcs are intimidating, and can sometimes scare people away.

Dracosapien: Half human, half dragon. They look like humans, except they have colored scales. They can NOT fly.
Bonus: They have scales that give them extra protection.

Mountain Troll: This is a race that lives in the mountains and rarely communicates with any other race.
Bonus: Living in the mountains isn't easy. Mountain Trolls have been trained to be observant in order to find food. This can be used for other purposes too.

Starting powers:

Soul Devour: Steal your opponentâs very soul and feast on it to replenish yourself. +20 HP each soul for flashbacks, +200 HP each soul for main character.
Crush: Destroy your opponent by calling upon mysterious forces to crush their body in a gory fashion. Good for people who enjoy being evil.

Possess: Summon a demon(s) to enter an enemy(s)âs body to fight with you until death.

Necromancy: Bring a fallen soldier from either side to fight for you until death.

Terrify: Alter the opponentâs mind to make them afraid of you and run away/surrender.


Post your complete Main and Flashback sheets and we shall begin as soon as the first person joins. Four players only.

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