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Welcome ladies and gentleman, to the first annual community art project. You may be asking, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING GANTIC'S BEEN MAKING TONS OF PROJECTS LATELY.

You are right, but here's the thing. The projects here involve individual work. Here, is teamwork and teamwork only.

Our goal: To make a community novel requiring loads of helping hands.

Here are the jobs you can choose from

-Writer- This job requires you to write at least one chapter at a time for the book. You may choose this and another job from the list below.
-Illustrator- Drawing some scenes related to the chapter. They must be GOOD. Show us some of your work before signing up for this one.
-Plot Directors- These people will be the main people who plot out the main events in the story. Everyone will be able to suggest, but these people will have the last say and will contact the writers with their ideas.
-Specialist- This person will be the creator for any miscellaneous items needed in the story. Ex1: There's a band story, you write the songs. Ex2: Two pen pals write letters. You write the letters. Note: You may not get as much jobs as you want, maybe even none, so you may choose this, Writer, and another job
-Editor- Reads over the chapters for spelling and grammar, makes minor changes for misunderstandings.


1. Writer's write one chapter at a time. You must state when you are writing. Simply say which chapter you call so nobody ends up writing it too.
2. Writer's may not write until the plot directors have a clear plot for you. You may make only minor changes and add anything you like, but stick the bare plot points.
3. Illustrators can either write black and white or color. Each drawing will be approved by a majority vote by every participant
4. Read the whole story before starting a new chapter. This is not a random make a story thread. It's a serious project

That's all.

So, let's start off by asking for who will participate and maybe get some suggestions for the beginning of our book.

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