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NAME - Quest giver, Location


Picking up the Pieces - Yourself, Cave
How long have I been down here? My skull is pounding and I donât remember anything after the battle with Gazzen. I need to find a way out and someone who can help me put the pieces back together in my head.
Find a way out of the cave.

To the Capital - Captain Taylor/Seer Quale, Outside Cave
The old mage says we must rush to Calderia City with the Ancient Tome. We will need to travel along the western highway to central Calderia, where Calderia City is located.
Travel to Calderia City and meet the Seers west of the city square.
+100 gold

Cultist Investigation - Diplomatic Envoy Sean, Outside of Calderia City
The Diplomat, Sean, asked us to investigate cultists in the forest north of Calderia City. We need to check it out and bring back anything we find before we can enter the city.
Get evidence of the cultists north of Calderia City then return to Sean at the Calderia City gate.
+100 gold

Demonic Encroachment - Seer Thania, Calderia City
The Calderian City Seers asked us to travel North West to the city of Icecliff where demons are preparing for attack in a nearby cave. The Seers at Icecliff are waiting for our arrival.
Travel to Icecliff and speak with their Seers.

Into the Void - Mayor of Icecliff Patrica, Icecliff
The Seers in Icecliff have been killed during a demon attack. We need to push the monsters back into the cave and destroy them at their source. We should return to the Seer Council in Calderia City when we finish.
Destroy the demons north of Icecliff then return to Calderia City.

Demons in the East
Thronwick is threatened by a demonic presence in the caves to their south. The Grand Seer sent us to meet with the mage sanctuary in Thornwick to learn more.
Travel to Thornwick and speak with their Seers.

Thornwick Demonry â" Seer Lasole, Thornwick
Iâve spoken to the Thornwick Seer and found out where the demons are most likely staging their attack, a cave south west of the Thornwick beaches. We need to get in there and destroy the source of the demons before they begin their invasion.
Kill the demons south west of Thornwick and return to the Thornwick Seers.

Journey to the South - Seer Lasole, Thornwick
The Thornwick Seer let me know what we need to get in contact with the Seers of Rootvale next. We can take the Gateway Ruins to the Calderia City South Gate where we can take the southern highway to Rootvale.
Travel to Rootvale and meet with their Seers.

Guarding Sungard - Seer Quan'du, Rootvale
The Rootvale Seer said there's been no sign of demonic activity near the city, however he hasn't heard from Sungard in days. We should travel west to Sungard and bring anything we find back to Rootvale.
Travel to Sungard and bring anything important we find to the Rootvale Seer.

First Strike - Seer Quan'du, Rootvale
The Rootvale Seer identified the strange runs we found as some sort of demonic key. We must find the demonic cave it belongs to so we can sneak attack them before they begin their next invasion. I noticed a woorden cart stuck in vines just before Riverside, maybe there's a trail nearby it.
Find the demonic cave near Riverside and begin the attack on the final Void.

Side Quests

A Traderâs Debts - Expedition Trader/Trader's Wife, Outside Cave
Husband and wife traders asked me to contact their family in Barleybrook and let them know that everything will be alright. Apparently they owe a lot of money to a local loanshark so we should make sure their family is okay.
Seek out the traderâs family in Barleybrook.
Trader's Ring

The Goods - Kuwande, Barleybrook
Kuwande of Barleybrook said heâd pay us 50 gold to retrieve a box of brewery equipment from New Stonefell. He said we should try using the Gateway Ruins on our way back to save travel time.
Get the box from New Stonefell and return it to Kuwande in Barleybrook.
+50 gold

A Sick Wife - Mayer, New Stonefell Outskirts
A man begged us to help us save his ill wife. Alyss says she needs a flower called Tanacetum. We need to search the forest east of the New Stonefell Intersection for 4 bundles of the flower and bring it back as quickly as possible.
Find four bundles of Tanacetum and return to New Stonefell Intersection.
+70 gold

Vultures - Stonefell Refugee, New Stonefell outskirts
Bandits are attacking refugees from Stonfell on the road to Calderia City. We should teach them a lesson!
Kill the bandits attacking the refugees.

Surrounded - Bodyguard, en route to Icecliff
A group of travelers are surrounded by snow wolves. Their bodyguards are holding the wolves off for now but they wonât last long without our help.
Kill the snow wolves.
Toxic Iron Gloves

Sending a Message â" Mysterious Stranger, Calderia City
A Mysterious Stranger sought us out in the Calderia City town square and asked us to retrieve some stolen gems from thieves in Griffonwald. He also mentioned that the thieves are very dangerous so we should be well prepared for battle.
Retrieve the stolen gems for the mysterious stranger in Calderia City.
+300 gold

Protecting the Pack â" Arawen, South Icecliff
The ranger Arawen told us of poachers south of Icecliff training wolves to attack humans. We need to enter their camp, kill them, and bring the five keys to the cages back to Arawen so he can rehabilitate the wolves.
Kill the poachers south of Icecliff and return to Arawen with the cage keys.
Cultist Gloves of Wealth

Planckâs Constant â" Lady Quanta, Calderia City
Lady Quanta says that guards have noticed strange sounds coming from a cave near the southern highway below Calderia City. She thinks it may be the hideout of an escaped criminal genius Jonas Planck and would like us to check it out when we're able to travel south.
Investigate the cave south of Calderia City.
Fine Demon Blood
+65 gold

Miner Troubles â" Sandis, Calderia City
A wealthy businessman in Calderia told us one of his Glass mines was under attack. He said that the mine is located just east of Calderia City on the road to Thornwick.
Investigate the glass mine east of Calderia City.
+120 gold

The Pickup â" Shafir Lomo, Calderia City
A government official in Calderia City asked us to go to the three southern cities, Thornwick, Rootvale and Sungard, to collect three hidden stashes of important information. He said they can be found in barrels hidden around the cities.
Find the stashes in Thornwick, Rootvale, and Sungard.

Forgotten Memories â" Alisair, East Calderia City
An old adventurer mentioned a sword he lost in the caves east of Icecliff. Perhaps if we can find it he will be able to remember the great battles of his past.
Find Flameclaw and return it to Alisair in Calderia city.

The Glass Gang â" Mine Supervisor, Glasstown
A mine supervisor in Glasstown told me about a strange cult thatâs taken over the glass mine north of Thornwick. She asked us to get rid of them so her boss doesnât find out. The mine is located north of the Thornwick beaches.
Kill the cult north of Thornwick and return to Glasstown.
Glass Boots of Health

Lost Key â" Old Man Daedrion, Thornwick
Old man Daedrion lost his key while cleaning out his house. It should be in one of the boxes among the junk.
Find the lost key.

See Lady Fallona - Seer Lasole, Thornwick
There is a Calderian official named Lady Fallona waiting for us at the Calderian City South Gate. She has a special mission she thinks we would be perfect for.
See Lady Fallona at the Calderia City South Gate.

A Letter to a Husband - Mrs. Steinhall, Griffonwald
A Griffonwald woman asked us to deliver a letter to her husband in Southern Calderia City.
Deliver letter to husband in Calderia City.

The Watchlands - Lady Fallona, Watchlands Gate
The Watchlands is a side quest for supporters who purchase the Legend of the Void 2 Premium Content. It is not required to finish the main storyline. Enter the Watchlands with the Defender Seal after purchasing. SIDE QUEST - PREMIUM CONTENT
Enter the Watchlands - PREMIUM CONTENT - SIDE QUEST

The Endless Forest - Adventurer Ilyath, north of Rootvale
An adventurer on the southern highway told us about rumors of an Endless Forest south of Rootvale. The Endless Forest is a never ending are to battle enemies and find new weapons. ONGOING QUEST
Find the Endless Forest - ONGOING QUEST

Missing Defender - Mrs. Vallenhall, Rootvale
The wife of a Defender soldier is worried that he hasn't been home for many days. She asked us to find a way into the Watchlands and see if we can figure out what's going on with him. SIDE QUEST - PREMIUM CONTENT.
Find the missing Defender in The Watchlands - SIDE QUEST - PREMIUM CONTENT

Press CRTL + F to find things easier.


Side Note: For some of the quests these are the rewards that I got playing the second time through. If there is some missing please post with that reward.


August 9th, 2012
- Created Guide
- Added some more quests, added some quest givers and locations, added some rewards.
August 10th, 2012
- More quests
- Finished
August 15th, 2012
-Quest info and descriptions up to date with current game version.

Please do not post this whole thing without my permission. If anyone finds this on another website please make sure they give credit to me. Thanks.
Oh and I am SPAD3R on the Legend of the Void forums. So yeah, I am the original creator of this guide thingy.

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Hey there is a note I found in calderia city near shafir is there a quest associated with it, it says "She's alone in sungard. Find a place to trap her and finish the job." Boss. That's what is says on the note anyone got any idea who is trapped? or where to find them if so?

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