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If you find yourself addicted to Bot Arena 3 and you're having trouble, here are some tips.

1) After beating a level and unlocking the next one, replay the level you know you can beat a few times so that you have a nice foundation of money.

2) Repair tools: Later in the game you wil unlock repair tools. They look tempting but actually don't help as much as you think and in my opinion, are a waste of money.

3) Moving your bot: Click you bot and drag the mouse to a place to move there or drag the mouse to another bot to follow it. It helps to double team one enemy when two enemy bots are moving to opposite ends of the map.

4) Keep some old chassis! If you find yourself overweight, weaker, lighter chassis can still often get the job done with the right equipment.

5) Try challenges to help improve your all around skills.

These are my top five tips to help you easily beat this game. If anyone has anymore to add feel free to comment them below

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