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So, apparently there is this new virus that started in Texas, and has now spread to over 38 states. There are 47 reported deaths as of right now. Feel free to post anything about this.

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Ha, i laughed at that.
No i totally get where you're coming from. There's so many viruses that we're unaware off that don't even affect us. I'm just very iffy about these things, as i tend to catch them.

lol, yea i guess that came out a bit wrong. xD
but well you didn't die yet of any of the many things youve catched.
thats a good thing right? ^^

I didn't think it was a big deal either. But then I found this.

12.000 deaths from 1999 till 2012 = 12.000:13 = 923 death per year.
from OP: this year 47 deaths.
seems like a very good year then. whats the worry?

if it's active for s long. and didn't take our attention all this time. how bad can it be?
also i guess that it wont get out of hand now, if it didn't do that the last 13 year.

people from Mexico carrying the disease with them.

sure over 150 nationalities live in the usa. ofcourse it are the mexicans... -.-'

I get like 30 Mossi bites a day here

that is (in europe) because there are very few bee's this year.
because of the fast en big changes in weather this year.
feb. hot
mrt. cold
may. hot
summer. cold
now. hot
the queens came out of hibernation to soon and many died in march or were weakened during that time.
bee's eat mosquitoes, so we have more of them this year.
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I've had hundreds of mosquito bites throughout my lifetime, plenty of them after 1999. Is it just uncommon for mosquitoes to be carrying the virus, or is it possible that I'm not prone to it?

I guess you could say the fact that more people are contracting this virus is in one sense a good thing, because it means we're more likely to have a treatment for it in the near-future.

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I once caught malaria but thanks god never got this disease.

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