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Well, I'm starting it back up again. The other thread glitched out when Gantic tried unlocking it, so PART 2! Here's part one by the way. I shall have the next chapter done as soon as it's... made. It's almost done.

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Chapter 16: Hey! You've got to hide your love away.
Though the setting of the 1965 Beatle movie Help! and Michael's current troubles are a near 50 year time difference, the relation between the two are scarily similar. The quirky George Harrison shows off his skills of acoustics to the priestess of 'Kaili, Ahme. Michael does the same with Jackie, except with his tongue in her mouth. Instead of being accused of here filthy eastern ways, he accepts her well being.
However, Ryan searches the streets for the two, preparing to kill the victim. He appears to be the great Swami Clang twin, but doesn't prefer disguising as a sewer to catch a British pop star, or in this case, an American hockey star.
Jackie and Michael refused to tell many people. In fact, Jackie didn't tell anyone. Michael only told Ben and Grant, whom he trusted very much. They still anticipated more interruptions from Ryan Roberts somewhere along the way, with their audience being the whole entire school, if not, world.
Michael explained this all to Grant Sullivan for 30 minutes. His friend just lay on his bed, pretending to listen.
"Mm hm", Grant muttered exhaustingly.
"I mean what other time will Ryan attack? During hockey? That'll be ridiculous! Probably the reason he would do it!" Michael exclaimed.
Grant dozed out and forgot to acknowledge, "Oh, yeah. Mm hm. Does she have a sister?"
Michael shot him a look, "I don't freaking know. Why?"
Grant shot him a look, "Because she's pretty **** hot!" Michael rolled his eyes, "And what do you mean you don't know? You spent the whole night with her last night. Shouldn't you've come home with a little information about this girl."
Michael laughed to himself, "It's kind of hard to talk when your mouth is being pressed on." He raised his eyebrows up and down.
"Michael you naughty boy!" Grant laughed, "I thought I'd beat you to it!"
"You can get dibs on her sister."
Grant pumped his fist in victory.

Up and wide awake the next morning, Michael does his daily routine of getting dressed and making his bed while dancing the classic music radio station. Using his "dance moves" to get the tasks done, he usually makes his Monday mornings a bit more exciting.
Humming "Don't Fear the Reaper" on his way down the stairs, he took a banana from the kitchen counter along with his keys and backpack and went towards to the front door. But just has he went to say goodbye to his mother, she stopped him and called him into the living room.
Michael walked in and saw his mom sitting on the couch with a cup of coffee. She didn't have a hype look on her face, but she didn't seem mad. Just a little concerned.
"Have you been feeling alright lately?" Mrs. Lambert asked right away. Michael understood why she was asking, but replied like he didn't.
"Yeah, what do you mean?"
"Well, just lately you haven't been yourself. You sleep in and you've been miserable, even after being completely fine all week. And even NOW you're fine." His mom waited for a reply, but just got a shrug from her son. She looked at him, "I just want my boy to be okay."
"And I am mom, alright?" Michael insisted. His mom didn't buy it, but let him go anyways.

Michael wasn't exactly selling his case when it came to denying him and Jackie being together. He's not generally a lying person, so the lack of experience usually gives it away. He didn't care about raising his popularity, he just didn't want Ryan to feel bad. As much as Michael doesn't want to make anyone feel bad, he mainly cared so Ryan doesn't take it out on him.
After the night of the party, people actually started to know who he was. He wasn't that unidentified object on the radar anymore. Students could recognize him in the halls. That day was maybe his day as a big shot in school. He had the girl and the first step to popularity. All he needed was someone to get off his back.
Before class, Michael found Jackie. They talked for a while in the cafeteria before the bell rung and they went to their lockers. She was talking about how her mom had recently was brought in a stray dog who had lost an eye and the other one shut had been shut closed. Her voice was cracking and Michael changed the subject.
They walked to their 1st period class together, down the semi abandoned hallway. The only exception was a passing teacher and a kid with a sling on his arm. He had a glum look on his face and wasn't any happier to see the two. The two stopped in front of him, and Ryan spoke.
"I'm... Sorry." After Michael had picked his jaw off the floor, he gave a blank and shocked look at the team center. Why would he say this? This is Ryan Roberts, the man who had tried to pummel Michael into oblivion about 36 hours ago. By his personality, he couldn't have possibly have changed his motives about him in a day in a half.
Michael must've hesitated too long, so Ryan repeated, "I'm sorry. About everything."
Jackie had moved off to the side and walked into class, leaving the two guys to an awkward stare off.
"Um..." Michael started. His words were lost, "It's... fine... I guess."
"Good." Ryan replied. His answer were pretty hesitant themselves, "I mean no hard feelings or anything, but." He paused, "I just love Jackie."
Michael gave him a blank stare again. He hadn't even used the L word yet. Maybe Ryan was this crazy over her. Because he loved her. It was highly possible it was just anger running through him when they broke up. But wasn't he always like this?
"I... I know. And I promise I'll take care of her." Michael stammered out. After what Ryan had said, he didn't know how to really react. He didn't "love" her. This was his first girlfriend. He didn't feel any anger over Ryan, in fact, he even felt sympathetic. But Michael had to ask one last thing.
"What about Ben though?" He asked. It was something not yet concluded. Ben had been a victim of a lot of Ryan's vulgar attacks, and even though Michael didn't have a clue about what goes on in Ryan's head, he knew you don't bully a random kid after a breakup.
Ryan grew confused on what to say, "I know. I'm sorry for that. I know he's your friend, but in all honesty he was kind of a... a..." the bell had interrupted Ryan saying the word &quotrick". He walked past Michael to his next class. He felt inconclusive, but somewhat satisfied.

Grant was packing his backpack up with books and folders at his locker. Papers were flying on the ground as he took large amounts of notebooks and shoved them in his bag. His 20 plus pound duffel bag for hockey was standing right next to it. He always brought this up when people say their backpacks are too heavy.
"Hola Grant!" Came a voice from behind him. He jumped and saw the skinny fellow with an Elder Scrolls t-shirt.
"Oh, hey Pete." He replied.
"Cómo estás?"
Grant paused and started at him, "What?"
Peter grinned, "I just got back from Spanish class."
He nodded, "Sweet." He dumped a few more text books in his bag and looked back at him, "Who's that on your shirt?"
Peter looked at his torso, "You don't know who Dovahkiin is?"
Grant gave him a funny look, "No. I don't. But it looks like he has a helmet with horns on it."
"Well, other than the visual interpretation, do you know anything about him?"
"Okay," Peter prepared for his lore speech, "Dovahkiin, translated to Dragonborn, is the slayer of dragons in the land of Elder Scrolls, a series of role-playing games. This individual is from Skyrim, who rids the world of its eater, Alduin."
Grant nodded and pretended to be interested in what he was talking about, "So, he's like a super hero?"
"Well, in a way. He uses the dragon language thu'um, but he does just about everything your average Nord does."
"So like a ****** slayer?"
Peter hesitated, "A what?"
"A simple guy who fights off ******s." He turned around to the traffic filled hallway and saw a guy in an arm sling. He pointed, "Like that guy."
Ryan stopped, "Who are you pointing at Sullivan?"
Grant shrugged, "Just pointing out to Petey what a ****** is. You were my best example."
"Listen, how about you shut up before my fist makes you." Ryan stepped a little closer.
"Listen princess, I don't want to start a fight." Grant said bravely. Peter had left out the door, leaving a few students neighboring the two to watch, "I'm pretty sure Michael's doing a kickass job on achieving that."
The center squinted into the eyes of his teammate, "Aren't you friends with that Ben kid?"
This time Grant took a step up, "Yes, in fact I am."
"Well ain't that good, because I'm going to take out your whole circle of friends."
"You wish." Grant snickered. Inside he was bit nervous though.
"Michael is going to hand Jackie over with his bloody and broken hands." Ryan said with his teeth clenched.
Grant chuckled, "You're doing all of this for her? Are you insane?"
He stepped back, "I don't know. Am I?"
Before Ryan's sling dropped to the floor, the back of Grant's head slammed in the lockers.


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Argh. Glitches and cache issues is part of the reason why moderating the forum is now twice as hard. Oh well. Carry on.

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YAY!!! I'm so happy you started writing it again Great job Acmed I love it! keep it up

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It's back it's back Yes! XD you didn't quit on it!

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It's back it's back Yes! XD you didn't quit on it!

Yessir. Yessir.

I am almost done with the next chapter fellas. Maybe a bit longer than I suspected.
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I am almost done with the next chapter fellas. Maybe a bit longer than I suspected.

As long as it's released everything's good.
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Chapter 17: Mean Mr. Mustard
Michael walked to Hillside Arena a bit more satisfied that day. Even though his ton weighing bag slung his shoulder bone down to his thigh, he felt like a big weight had been lifted off of him. Not just from Ryan's apology, but the stuff it also fixed with it. He may have known him for less than a week, but remarkably changed quite a bit about Michael.
Kicking a block of ice on the grass in front of him, Michael walked into the parking lot of Ferndale Recreational Hockey Center, as it's letters on the front called it. He called it FRHC, pronounced like frihick. Obviously, no one would ever think of this besides him, so the name is completely original.
Before walking into the parking lot of the arena, he heard a thud, and a cold force hit him in the back. A wet mark sat on his not thick enough sweater, chilling his back with the frozen water. He turned and planned to be angry, but instead, he gave a smile.
Jackie stood right there, laughing and smiling her teeth as white as the snow near her feet. A little hat laid on top of her head while the strings rested on her cold red ears. Who would count this all and name in all in perfect detail? Michael Lambert.
She went up and wrapped her arms around the boy, "I'm sorry Lambchop. Are you cold?" asked Jackie in an intentionally cute way.
"Lambchop?" Michael replied, ignoring the question.
"Nickname. Get used to it." She giggled and kissed him on the cheek. The cold already made his cheeks red, but inside he was blushing, "So, do you mind me watching you guys practice?"
"If you plan on being bored out of your mind," he responded, "We don't do anything interesting."
"Whatever. I just want to see your *** in a hockey uniform." Jackie smiled, "Plus, Ryan won't bother you anymore."
Michael thought about it. Ryan. Though things were safe with him, what would their relationship be like? Michael will always feel bad for him and he didn't plan on making things worse. Should he keep his distance even though the peace has been restored?
"But, we shouldn't really rub it in his face. You know, he still loves you." answered Michael.
"Wait, he still loves me?" Jackie asked in shock, as if it wasn't obvious.
"Yeah. You broke up with him, right?"
"Well, yeah. But that's the thing, we broke up. He can't do that. Isn't he supposed to hate me?" She was on the verge of ripping her hair out in confusion. Michael looked at her as if she was insane.
"Why would he hate you?" He asked.
Jackie looked down at the floor. She knew it'd be hard for him to understand, "Once you made a lot a friends in this school, you're going to make a lot of enemies."
"What's that supposed to mean?"
"I'm a popular person, so, yeah." responded Jackie.
"But that's a good thing Jackie." Michael explained, "What you're going through is brief. People hate me and my friends on a daily basis. We get **** thrown at us every day."
She hesitated, putting herself into Michael's shoes for a moment, "Well, I guess I'm new to it." Jackie admitted. Michael looked at her eyes, saddened by the fact. He didn't understand one bit. This is something he goes through constantly and yet Jackie is living in some abstract world compared to his.
Then he came to a swift realization. The reason Jackie and Ryan did fine in the first place was because they came from the same group of popularity. Her and Michael however have nothing in common. Jackie generally likes big men who can protect her and are fairly strong and tough. Michael on the other hand spends his time playing Portal games and reading internet memes and rage comics.
In the names of science, anything removed from its original state will eventually return to its original state. Obstacles push it back to where it belongs, and repels against the goal it's reaching. Michael was a fish in the water, all happy and free. Then he sees a sexy little seagull on the sand named Jackie. He jumps out the water and attempts to woe her over.
There's only 3 ways this could go down in Michael's perspective. He could go back into the water where the only thing he can worry about is sharks and narwhals. The other option is that he can be eaten alive by this girl (Because seagulls eat fish, right?). Finally, when he's out of the water for too long, he will suffocate and get flushed down the toilet at a bait shop on the shore. Then and there, he's done.
However, there is the rather impossible secondary outcome that will just be used for this metaphor. If the fish can spend enough time learning about the land culture, then he himself will gain a taste of their everyday. A taste turns into a thought, then an action. Next thing you know, little salmon Michael turns into a generic American Bald Eagle, subsequently leaving his little underwater friends helpless against petty basket sharks.
So that would be the only options. Jump into her world, back into his own, or die.
"Alright then" He plainly remarked. The cheerleader expected a bit more sympathy, but that was the best way he could summarize after his epic thinking moment. Jackie just walked along side him again.
Before they took another step, a crash thudded to the ground behind them. Michael and her turned around and saw Peter Skywalker spitting snow from his mouth and getting back up from his trip. He was very out of breath and his face was as red as a tomato.
"Michael!" Peter panted, placing his hands on his knees, "Grant got beat up!" He exclaimed.
The two only looked at him in confusion, "What?" Jackie asked, not really in a concerned way.
"Grant got beat up by Ryan. And aren't you that crying girl?"
"Wait, he did?" questioned Michael, "What happened? Who started it?"
"Grant threw the first one verbally, then Ryan slammed him into the locker. He chased after me for a while." He explained. Peter knew he didn't have much time.
"What did Grant say?"
"He called Ryan an offensive word and got pretty mad. He said something about taking you and Ben out."
Michael nearly fell to snow in disbelief, "Are you serious?" A sense in him told Michael not to believe Pete. He saw Ryan 7 hours ago, and he was perfectly fine. They had a truce, and everything was normal again. Was this really happening? Was this a permanent scar between the two? Conveniently, a blow from the back of his spine helped him out.
He imagined himself sitting down in his parent's living room when he was little kid, watching a rerun episode of Thomas the Tank Engine. The one where Duck crashes into the barber shop. Michael felt like he had just done that and fell into a pile of freezing cold shaving cream. The worst time to be a steam train would be at that exact moment.
With snow gripping at his sensitive teeth, nose, and chin, Michael turns and faces his head up to the sky. He only hears the words "Ryan!" come out of Jackie's mouth, and the sounds of Peter contemplating what he's going to do. Soon enough, Ryan's face is seen above Michael's frozen face.
"Well, you happened to screw things up between us completely in a 7 hour span." He shoved a wad of snow in the defensemen's face, smiling an evil grin as he does so.
Michael tried to talk to him through his slight coughing fit, "Ryan, I didn't say those things. Grant did. He didn't know."
"He didn't know what?" exclaimed Ryan, shoving more of the crystals in the center of his face. Jackie had been trying to haul him off of her boyfriend, but it was useless. Peter still stood there, shouting Fus Ro Dah and Yol Toor Shul at Ryan, not realizing he can't speak the dragon language.
"He didn't know we had a truce. He didn't know." Michael panted, spitting out snow in the meantime.
Ryan had a look of understanding on his face for a good half second, and laugh pitifully, "Well, he certainly did have a reason, right?" He gained an inch closer to the downed hockey player, "I know you hate me, and I know your friends hate me too. But I'll have you know I'm not going to tolerate that? Got it?" With his teeth clenched and fire in his eyes, this made Michael, for the first time, fearful of Ryan.
"Ryan, you don't have to do this." Michael pleaded, "You can change."
"I'm not changing for anyone, especially not for a few nerds like you guys!" Ryan didn't need to mention it, but his primary motive was because of Jackie being taken away from him, "And that little prick of a friend you call Ben." He started to laugh psychotically, picturing a gruesome scene in his head.
"He was only trying to protect me. You charged after me!" Michael exclaimed, changing from beg to debate in a moment's notice.
"Protect you?" responded Ryan with an eyebrow raised. He got up from pinning Michael, allowing him to sit up straight. Ryan grinned amusingly, "Ain't that a rat's ***? A kid coming to protect little princess Michael." He paused with a disapproving nod, "I'm not buying it."
Michael gave him an answer with a quiet voice, "He's my friend."
He stepped closer to Michael with curiosity, "I'm sorry, what? He's your friend?" Ryan looked directly into Michael's eyes, and then into his soul, "If your 'friend' cared so much, why did he have to get involved?"
That left Michael the defenseman in a state of question and a bigger state of finding the answer. Whose fault was this? What would have happened if he didn't know them? Would things be better? Worse?
Ryan had set the stage, "It's not your fault I want to kill you Michael. It's your friends' fault."
He didn't pay any more attention to Michael, as he looked over at Peter still trying to master the thu'um. This time, he was trying to call a dragon named Odahviing, which so far wasn't working.
"Oh-dah-viing!" He yelled. Ryan didn't even laugh at how pathetic his attempts were.
Instead, he gave Peter a look that he used so well, "What the hell is your problem?"
The amateur shot master replied, but was sure the words would come out stupid, "I'm just, trying to stop you."
"From what?" asked Ryan.
"You hurting Michael."
Ryan gave Michael a quick glance. He had made the dork say the right phrase. Now for the kill, "Why?"
Michael mouthed the word "no" to Peter, but it was no use, "Because, I consider him my friend." He replied, not thinking it would do any harm.
The team captain laughed for a good 5 seconds, "Did you not just hear our little conversation?"
"Oh," he nodded, "Perhaps I'll summarize for you." And he did just that. He gave Pete a look that told him to run, as if he was some sort of forest animal preparing to be eaten.
Unfortunately, the Dragonborn wannabe forgot his Whirlwind Sprint shout the Greybeards had taught him up at High Hrothgar. It was perfect timing for Ryan the World-Eater to hit him with his Ice Form shout. The downed leader of the voice, Paarthurnax, sits in horror, watching the mauling. Ryan prepared to knock the dragon blooded freak off his feet with a swift Unrelenting Force.
Like a spear running through Peter's abdomen, Ryan forced him down into the compacted crystals, while at the same time knocking all the air out of his lungs. The "oof" sound of the impact was sounded over by Pete's girly like scream. Bashing blows were plowed into Peter's face, as Michael and Jackie attempted to stop him.
Jackie was pushed off easily by Ryan, while the defender received a big backhand to the face. Subsequently, he was knocked down right across from his friend, who was now bleeding slightly from the right nostril. His attack was over though, and turned his attention back to Michael, laying down on the cold surface.
Ryan nodded his head in approval and stated his words of wisdom shortly and sweetly, "Get your **** straight with your friends." He paused, letting the words sink in, and smiled very amusingly, "Or I'll do it myself."
He walked away with as much swagger as he could. Michael looked at the bloodied Peter. Sincerity was coursing through the nerd's eyes. Michael just watched as he walked away, disappointed and upset. He never saw anything more saddened in his life. The only thing trickling through his mind was the guilt. He knew Ryan didn't hurt him. Michael had hurt him.

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