ForumsWEPRWhy do russians have to be so mean agianst Latvia? No offence if ur a russian.

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So what is going on? Well a few of my friends like skeleton_pilot and kegaumongo already know about this situation. So since the time when Latvias president changed to the worst president possible, russians now started living in Latvia not respecting our language and talking russian in the middle of the streets. One day i was going to a random candy store from school and entered one and just took a random candy and told him that i wanted to buy the candy. The seller was russian and didnt understand what i say. He asked "What?" in the russian language, the candy store didnt say anything about the store being russian. There were lots of other times when i needed to talk russian in my own country. Then schools started learning children how to talk russian. Just to understand russian guys in Latvia. That cannot be accepted because the russians are in our country and they have to speak latvian, but they are like: "oh who cares! We russians have a bigger country, why should we learn Latvian. Latvians should learn our language." And like that we Latvians are living. Then people on Latvia started to fear that if they will fight back, the russians just might take up an unfriendly visit with all their guns, soldiers and tanks. And i mean. Thats wrong. The russians cannot be like this to us latvians. They might kill us all, right here, right now. Including me and my family. Why are russians so mean?


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No, I meant compare Russia with another large country, exempli gratire the US, and the Ruskies turn out saints.

compared to the US the entire world is a saint.
compared to canada (2nd largest nation in the world) the entire world are criminals.
compared to china ... well what china? new china (last 20 year) or old china (from 1900's). and mainland china? or the autonomous regions?
china is to hard to compare.

They're much better than most, actually.

define better plz.

Excuse me? I've been to Moskva and Leningrad and Stalingrad a million times, and the only armored car I saw was government cars

well look better. ive been to moskou and leningrad multiple times and ive seen hundreds if not thousands of them. even my rented car was armored.
so.. yea, look better.
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