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This game is interesting, entertaining and hooking.

The following guide is to help you make your way to the end of the battle without any difficulties and dominate the entire game with best skills.


*Class* - *Mountain Trolls*


-Firstly, you will be holding your power in the cheapest and fastest units, which are *Spearman*.
-Secondly, your speed will be the opportunity to dash between the lines while your powerful *Spearman* will be ravaging through your enemy's guts.
-And Thirdly, you will have the most powerful units in the whole game, which is the Giant troll, and whenever you have the charge option, make sure you hit the Q button on the Giant Trolls, and there will be no way left for your enemy to defeat you.



-Spear Training (+5) "Vital"
-Increased Armor (+10) "Vital"
-Speed (+1) "Optional"

As soon as you acquire enough gold to make your way to the upgrades, hit the *spear training button* to become stronger in killing the enemies, that way your opponent will be easier to deal with, thus it will bring you more income in every game (the more you kill, the more money you get).

Give or take a couple of upgrades for your spearman and then collect money to buy *Giant Troll*, it may seem to cost a bit too much, but trust me, it will pay off when you get it, as these big guys will bash their way through the enemy like its a piece of cake.

Once you get the Giant trolls, the rest of the money should go to Spear training, Increased Armor and Speed, whichever you consider more important is up to you.

This way, there will be not a single match for you to struggle.

Enjoy the game.

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