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I don't know if another thread on this has been made, but I would like to ask the U.S. members (and outside opinions as well) what your position on this controversial act is? It has been voted into play, sustained by the supreme court, and even shown to be generally accepted among the people in the states. If you are republican, say why you oppose it. If you are democratt, tell me why you support it.

I myself am in full support of this new law. It will finally end people's inability to buy health insurance due to pre-existing conditions, and it will expand medicaid programs to those who need it. in texas, even though my idiot governor Rick Perry opposes it, this will benefit us the most because of a high percentage of our state's residents being in the low-income percentile, and the fact that 25% of people here have no health insurance at all, and even more have just a meager amount.

Now it is your turn...


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