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Hey guys, first of all just some quick background information.

War of the web is made by Jiggmin.

The game is a pretty simple multiplayer game where you go up against other websites in a race to mars. To win you NEED to have a large sum of players.

There are many users that continue to play the game via the cache link here. All users that I've talked to (Via the chat) say that they really need it to be back on the AG front page, or even just on the website somewhere.

AG and Jiggmin have offered no reason for the game leaving. For this reason I guess that it was not meant to happen. Especially because the servers for the AG side of the game still exist.

I think I speak on behalf of the users that continue to play it that they really want the game back. It shouldn't be that hard to do and it's actually quite an easy game to get into.

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