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I have decided to make a guide for this epic game designed to help anyone who might be having trouble beating opponents.

The first thing you have to do is choose what character build you want to be.

Here is a basic guide of the classes:

1.Spear and Shield with this class you want to get shield bash up to at least 5 so you will have block for the next 3 rounds which will help reduce damage taken and then max out throw because it gets critical hits a lot which will do some serious damage and if your leg is disabled you can still attack enemies which gives it an advantage over the other classes.

2.Shield and a One handed weapon this is the same idea as the spear and shield class but instead I would start by putting your skill tree into power attack and maxing that out because it does high damage once you have got it maxed you want to get shield bash up to at least 5 for the same reason as before.

3.Dual wielder With this class you want to get the double attack technique to max and this is the best class for countering opponents that use shield bash because you have a chance to hit twice but other then this reason this class is pretty bad and only really outclasses the others for taking out enemies that are blocking.

4.Two Hander This class utilizes that the two handed weapons are generally the stronger weapons by maxing out the power attack technique you can deal very high damage but the downside with this class is that if your arm gets disabled you are pretty much defenseless so arm protection is a must.

With 2,3 and 4 if your leg gets disabled you are defenseless so it gives the Spear + Shield Combo an advantage over the others and on top of that I feel it is just generally a stronger class then the others because of how versatile and reliable it is do I recommend a Spear + Shield Combo but the choice is up to you.

With all these classes I would say put all your skill points into strength as the others seem to not be worth it/needed as much.

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