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I've seen a lot of questions about the status of AG3 in various forums. RonJohn recently made a post on GetSatisfaction that I think clears up most of your questions, but maybe you haven't seen it, so I'm going to quote it here...

Here's a little more detail about the beta website ending on August 31st:

Only the beta site ( is going away, not the normal site at
The purpose of the beta site was to try new ideas, test performance and technology solutions. We tried a lot of new things and measured if players used them, if they liked them, and if they helped the site. The best stuff will live on at:, the bad stuff will die a horrible, horrible death.
The plan is to start applying the things we learned to the normal site... so, you're going to see a lot of awesome changes coming up in the near future.

The features that we've tested in the beta, and that are being talked about in this forum, are going to start being introduced into the site as you see it now.

I've also unstickied several of the threads in this forum that are not entirely relevant now -- there are simply too many stickies and this forum is hard to navigate.

All of the admins are all working hard for the new additions, and we're excited about what's coming!
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