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in the land of Calandria there are 4 kingdoms. You will pick your kingdom to fight off bandits,dark magic, and evil forces.

Calandria, King Rolfe
Commander Stevenson
Population: 2,457,291
This is the army of the free people, they have horses and carriages but there sages and dragon riders are all gone dead in the last great war. they are nobles and knights "Sworn" the defend against those who can't fight themselves. Most have lost there way, but some still are the soldiers that fought to defend there people.They named there kingdom after the country to prove that they are dominate

Mages guild archmage litar
contrary to popular belief sages do still exists, and not ever citizen has the skill to cast spells. They are priest and sages only few use weapons. They combat dark magic closing the many portals that are always coming out of the ground stopping the dark lords from invading Calandria.

Fliers of the East, Jacobs
Commander Jackson
The riders of the East fly dragons, yes dragons. They are like every other human.few citizens can't fly dragons but to fight on them is another story.they are constantly fighting off evil forces.

Espests Republic, Council of 9
Captains of the 9
The Espests Republic are the slave trading science culture that earn money and fight to gain wealth. They have the council of 9 and each council member has a Captain to control there armies. Each council member is given a yearly job.

Character sheet:
Name: (First or last if you want, or just a nickname)
Gender: (Male or female)
Kingdom: (pick yours from the top)
Class: (Soldier,Captain,Archer,Explorer)
Health: 100/100
Stamina: 100/100
Magic: 100/100
Hunger: 100/100
Thirst: 100/100
Strength: (This affects how much stuff you can carry, along with how much damage you can deal with melee weapons, and how well you can fight bare-handed. This also slightly decreases how much damage you take.)

Intelligence: (This affects how well you can use tactical
advantages and how well your soldiers do.)

Charisma: (this affects prices and marriages and things)

Accuracy: (This affects how well you can aim ranged and thrown weapons, and you are able to throw things farther and more precisely.)
Bio: (physical description)
Inventory weight: 0/0
Weaponsany weapons or shields)
Armourany armor)
gearanything like arrows,scarabs, gold, etc)
Aid: (Anything like food, water, herbs, etc.)
Soldier bounse 4 strength
Captain bounse 4 intelligence
Archer bounse 4 accuracy
Explorer bounse 4 charisma

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