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I am very in-depth with my RPG's, so if you do not like very descriptive RPG's, leave now.
Simplified Rules:
-Delete the Italic-Bracketed Areas in the Character Sheet when creating one; they are just there to explain some things.
-There is no god mode, if you are knocked, out you are simply hulled back to the last town you visited.
-There is no super-mega combo to one shot monsters, so don't put anything like "I do a backflip and smash it to dust". Otherwise I will simply counter your message.
-Some events may happen which will be judged on this die that I have beside my computer.
-No threats, vulgar language, or hate towards any of the other players, or myself. If you rage, I won't care, I don't deal with babies.
-If this gets overwhelming for whatever reason, I will set a cap on the max amount of players.

In the province of Sevan, humans have thrived for hundreds of years, accompanied by many monsters and dragons. Although they have not been a threat at first, they have adapted, and have gotten stronger. As well as new monsters, coming from foreign areas, have made Sevan their home. Because of this, Monster Hunters have been trained, in order to save the town, and bring down the monsters. This, however, is not an easy task, as many Hunters have already been defeated. Will Sevan be safe from the dragons and beasts? Who will save everyone? This is the life of a Monster Hunter.

Character Sheet:
Name: (First and Last)
Nickname: (Usually what citizens will refer to you by.)
Age: (+18)
Gender: (Male of Female)
Bio: (Quick description of your character, such as certain details, facial features, and their past)
Reputation: Unknown (0) (Higher the reputation, better the deals)
Status: Healthy (100%)(Lose it all, and you are dead)
Stamina: Great (100) (100%) ("(100)" is your maximum stamina, while "(100%)" is what is is currently at. If you run around too much, you may become hungry lowering your stamina. For example, it may be "(90)" "(20%)". The percentage will recharge, to fill your maximum stamina; you must eat Rations, or Well Done Steaks. If your stamina is below "(15%)", you cannot block or dodge.)
Weapon Slot 1: (You have a weapon choice once you start)
Sharpness: (100%) (Your weapon may dull when attacking a monster, a whetstone will put this back at full. Upgrading your weapon may increase total sharpness to deal 110% damage.)
Head: N/A
Neck: N/A
Chest: Cloth Shirt (0%)
Hands: N/A
Leggings: Cloth Pants (0%)
Feet: Leather Boots (0%)
Total Damage: N/A (Armor, amulets, and items, may increase your damage output, which will display your total damage output here)
Total Damage Reduction: 0% (Armor your character wears may reduce damage received from monsters. Monster armor may come with stats, which may help, or hurt your character. Such as Health Increasement, or Sharpness Increase)
Active Effects: (Passive Effects from your armor (If it comes with stats) will display here, such as Fire Resist (+10), or Hunger (-5).)
Items: (Maximum of 30 slots)
Gold: 0g (Used to buy materials and equipment)
Trophies: (If you kill a unique or hard enemy, it will display here)
Buddy: (You may acquire a Felyne friend (Max of 2) to accompany you on your adventures. Your buddy will also have a passive, such as telling you monsters current/total health, what its weaknesses are, or where to find certain materials (Including many other things). His/hers Stats will then appear below this area. Felynes also use their own type of weapon, such as a Pick, Katana, Axe, Hammer, or Light Bowgun.)
Location: Home

Weapon Types: (+ = Pro, - = Con)

Greatsword: (+Great Damage)(+Block)(+PowerAttack)(-SlowAttack)(-SlowMovement)
A massive blade, almost double the size of your character. Deals massive damage, but is fairly slow. The Greatsword can charge its power for 3 seconds, but is vulnerable and will reset if hit. (1 Charge = 125%,2 = 200% 3 = 300% Damage) then unleashing a huge blow to the monster. Considering the size of this blade, you can easily block incoming attacks, but not as well as a shield.

Longsword: (+DPS)(+LongCombo)(+FastAttacks)(+Buff)(-NoBlock)
Quick and deadly, the Longsword makes quick work of enemies, but cannot block. It has great DPS, mainly because of the awesome combos it may land. The Longsword builds up a combo meter every time it attacks. Once the combo meter reaches 100%, you may attack 10 times in a short amount of time. If the final strike lands on this combo, your damage is increased by 15% for a short time.

Sword and Shield: (+Block)(+Dodge)(+Mobile)(+Small Combo)(-Lower Damage)
Short, and sharp, the Sword and Shield is easy to maneuver and dodge enemy attacks. Although the damage output is low, mobility and durability is on your side.

Dual Blades: (+GreatDPS)(+Buff)(+Mobile)(-NoBlock)(-StaminaHungry)
Two blades, two hands, no blocking. Dual Blades have great DPS, and mobility, but have no blocking capability. Can enter rage mode, increasing damage and decreasing stamina.

Hammer: (+GreatDamage)(+Stun)(+Knockover)(-NoBlock)
A great blunt weapon, the hammer can crack monster skulls, and demolish mountains. Can stun enemies if they are bonked on the head, but cannot block.

War Drum: (+Damage)(+Knockover)(+Buff)(+Mobile)(-NoBlock)
Similar to the hammer, but plays music. Think of the War Drum as a Guitar Axe, playing music may randomly increase certain stats. Each War Drum can play 3 specific tunes, and always increase movement speed.

Gunblade: (+Damage)(+RangedAttack)(+Nuke)(+Block)(-SlowAttack)(-Slow Movement)
The Gunblade is a lance-like weapon, however, instead of a pointy end, there is a cannon, with a blade under it. The Gunblade uses rocks and other ammunition to damage the enemy from close range, but can also charge and stab the foe. It may also charge its cannon to fire a massive blast that may stun the enemy, but disables firing capabilities for a short time. The Gunblade comes equipped with a shield, so that you may block incoming attacks.

Bow: (+DPS)(+RangedAttack)(+Mobile)(+NoSharpnessDebuff)(-RequiresArrows)(-NoBlock)
Long range bow, uses arrows, and tainted arrows such as Power, Paralyze, Sleep, Pierce, Tranq and Poison.

Bow Gun+DPS)(+RangedAttack)(+NoSharpnessDebuff)(+Addons)(-RequiresAmmo)
Short to Long range, the Bow Gun uses many different types of ammunition (depending on the one you have). The Bowgun can get Add-ons at the shop, which may add a Scope, Shield, Long Barrel, or Rapid Fire Trigger. Such as Pierce, Scatter, Explosive, Cluster, Rapid, Sleep, Poison, Tranq.

Felyne Weapons:

The Felyne can swing a pick fairly quick and deal slight damage to your foe, the pick also has a chance to loot some uncommon materials off a lesser monster.

The Felyne, if trained well, may equip a Katana. With this weapon, your Felyne will attack very fast, and may cause the monster to bleed (A small DoT).

For the more built Felynes, they may want to use the Axe, which deals great damage and may knockover the monster.

Similar to the Axe, only the Knockover is replaced with a stun.

Light Bowgun+RangedAttack)(+Add-ons)(+Variety)(+Unlimited "Basic Shot I's&quot
A miniature version of the Bowgun, the Light Bowgun was specifically made for Felynes, they use their own ammunition, and can receive add-ons.

Arrow & Ammunition Types (Described, not actually an equitable weapon)

Power (Max of 40 Ammo)
Deals 150% Weapon Damage.

Pierce (Max of 25 Ammo)
Hits the target and continues to do damage till it exits, the bigger the monsters, the bigger the damage.
Can deal 100%-250% Weapon Damage.

Poison (Max of 15 Ammo)
After hitting an enemy with 1-4 of this kind of arrow/ammo, it will become poisoned, receiving 25% weapon damage per second for 15 seconds.

Paralyze (Max of 7 Ammo)
After 1-5 shots, the target is paralyzed for 1-6 seconds. The bigger the monster, the less the time.

Tranq (Max of 5 Ammo)
Puts a monster to sleep, allowing to ship it over to the village, which doubles the amount of your loot and rarity find. The monster must be trapped by a Shock Trap, a Pitfall Trap or when it is very weak and injured to become Tranq'd.

Because I was using Microsoft Word to type this out while I was on the Ferry, there may be those random things in some of the sentences, hopefully this will not happen.
I would add some more detail, but I doubt most people would read through it. I hope you are interested ^-^

If you are wondering what am I doing if I am not active, just check out my profile, I will post stuff there occasionally

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