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I don't have an Xbox 360 (I'm a PS3 player), but I hear there's a beta for the upcoming Medal of Honor game that has already started on October 5th and ends October 15th.

So I'm wondering. How is the beta for anyone who has played it?

From gameplay footage I've seen on YouTube, some of the animations are similar to Battlefield 3 (vaulting, changing stance, etc.), the Signal Scan looks kind of like garbage compared to the Spec Ops Vision in the Alpha version and the sniping seems hard to do in the map for the beta.

But, I'd like to know what you do in the beta.

Have you ever used the lean function?

How is it when you're on the gunner seat in the Black Hawk?

What is your favourite class? Faction? Weapon?

Do you wish there were more killstreaks?

Have you ever used the tokens earned in the matches for the Warfighter Nations feature?

What would you want fixed?

These are some of the questions to help you get started, but you can expand furthermore if you want.

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