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My fellow citizens, you may be aware that it is now election season in my home country. And, being inspired by a recent thread, I have decided that I would run for office as the First King of America. America is facing many problems today, both fiscal and social, and it is my hope that I, King Maverick the Fourth, will be able to solve them. All I ask is for your support on the ballot, and after that I won't need your support to retain control. Please, continue reading to learn more about myself and my campaign. Thanks.

My Stance on Bi-Partisan Bickering:

Gridlock between the two major parties has meant that crucial legislation doesn't get passed when it's most needed. My approach to this problem is to do away with the bicameral system all together with. What needs to be represented is the will of the people, not the will of the party (the party should not be confused with the regime).

My Stance on War:

War between nations will become outdated under my reign. The sole cause of war is differences between nations, and I will unite the world as one nation, so that all might know peace for ever.

My Stance on Woman's Rights and Abortion:

Every woman has the right to do with her body as she will. Therefore it is a heinous crime for a woman not to exercise such a right to her fullest ability. The cessation of pregnancy will be a celebration of that most basic right of women, And I will support this to the fullest extent of my power.

My Stance on Poverty and Disease:

My first act as King of America will be to ban disease and make poverty illegal. The law of the king is supreme in the land, and thus it rings out in all the lands and all obey the law. Humanity will be able, for the first time in its history, to break free of the chains which has ensnared it. No child will ever know lain, or hunger, or disease, and human kind will enter into an eternal peace.

And so I will leave you with that, fair citizens. Feel free to use this thread to ask me any question about policy, world events, or anything else you deem fit.

I am forever humbly, your

King Maverick the Fourth

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