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Hello and welcome! No, I am not dead. No, I am not continuing any of my old threads. Yes, this is a good thing. Maybe. Probably not.

This is a game where two teams fight each other using various means and attempt to complete some degree of Objective!

Objective: This is what we're doing.
Status: Various effects that effect the objectives.
Gear: What gear you can get during the Objective.

Team A: Players on Team A
Team A Completion: How much Team A has done.

Team B: Players on Team B
Team B Completion: How much Team B has done.

And now we shall have the first Obvective.

HALLOWEEN OBJECTIVE! You are across from each other, with Team Orange in a giant pumpkin and Team Black in a haunted mansion! The battlefield is covered in a black moss-like substance and volatile pumpkins. There are two pathes between the bases.

Objective: Grab the other team's candy!
Status: Spooky,
Black Sword
Skull-tipped Staff
Phantasmal Musket

Team A:
Team A Completion: 0 pieces of candy

Team B:
Team B Completion: 0 pieces of candy

And now...begin!

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