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Siegius Arena was made by Sky9 Games, the same guys who brought us Raze, Strike Force Heroes, and Siegius.

If you've played the game, you probably know that the later levels are a whole bunch of difficult to complete - the bonus level 1, especially. Here are some tips on completing those levels and any earlier ones that you are having trouble with.

Here's the armor and equipment that I used.

Helmet: Gladiator (provides fast cooldown and power for your spell)
Cape: Imperial (makes the crowd excited easily)
Armor: Aegis of Gladiators (has good health and armor stats and increases the spell and crowd stats by a little)
Boots: Obsidian (while they don't add to your spell and crowd stats, they give you 20 extra health and 10 armor for protection, which is nice)

Weapon: Obsidian Shield (the armor and health is useful, and still has good attack power)
Weapon Alt: Spartan Shield (while I didn't win with this one, apparently other people did. Has good excitement but less health and attack)

Item: Huge Potion (do you even need to ask why?)
Spell: Quake (deals lots of damage to lots of people)
Spell Alt: Thunder (if you can hit people, it really drives your excitement level up, and deals decent damage with fast cooldown)

This setup gives you decent enough health and armor to not get killed quickly, and has high excitement so that you can use your ultimate as much as you need to.

Bonus Level 1 / large group:

Try the main suggested equipment above. Quake is definitely useful with a large crowd, and if you have mages to deal with (or whatever type they are at your level), the more people you hit with quake the better.

Stay in the corners. Use quake as often as you can - hitting large groups of people is a bonus. Avoid mage bolts if you can, but if you have to dodge them with a whole group of assassins and defenders and grunts surrounding you, they can take you down fast if you're not hitting them. If you use quake on them, usually the grunts and assassins will die with a couple more hits with the sword or another quake. Once you get your excitement bar filled, use the ultimate (space bar) and deal with the mages. Otherwise, stay in the corners. If there aren't any mages giving you trouble, feel free to use your ultimate on any other soldier - the ultimate gives you more armor penetration and a higher chance to get a critical strike, not to mention the time it gives you to kill them off.

Bonus Level 2 / 3 / Boss Fights / Few People:

Use the suggested equipment, but instead of quake use thunder. It can deal a lot of damage if you can aim right, and it won't take as long to get your excitement bar filled, not to mention it has fast cooldown. An alternative weapon you might want to consider is dual or heavy weapons - if you're only fighting one guy or one class that has heavy armor (heavy) or none (duals), go with one of those two. Otherwise, I suggest using the shield weapons. You'll probably want to use it in the third bonus level too, because those assassins with the behemoths can be a pain whether you're using duals or heavies. Every time I used duals, I hardly got to the last boss without dieing. Using the shield was hardly a problem anymore.

Once you get to a boss or a few of the same class (behemoths, mostly), stay just out of their range, or come in and out and use lightning. Once you get your excitement bar filled, use it and go at him until you kill him or your bar runs out, in which case you run back again. This pretty much works for behemoths and the first two bosses.

For the third boss, you'll have to be much more aware what he's doing. When he's walking around, feel free to use your thunder from behind him. If he's charging you, don't even bother trying - you'll probably lose more health than you'll deal him. He has his little dance, in which one of three things could happen - if he heals, go at him with the lightning, because it will rack up the excitement pretty quickly and you can probably take out a bunch of his health while he's healing (unless you want to wait until after he's done - either works). If he uses the Armageddon spell, sit next to him and work at taking down his health. If he uses the mage bolts, run. Get to the other side of the arena, dodge whatever bolts come at you, and wait until he stops. Then go at him again until you finish him.

Good luck! If you have any questions, feel free to ask

Thanks to Col Mukund for the equipment suggestions! I would probably still be trying to beat it right now if not for you.

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