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Is Global Warming real?

I've recently read a book (State of Fear, Michael Chrichton) which changed my mind greatly about Global Warming. The book goes on about how false everything the media says about global warming truly is. It presents hundreds of sources from a whole lot of sources (NASA, being the prevalent one)

Basically, major points that are not true about Global Warming:

-Polar Ice caps are actually freezing up. There is one tiny piece of Antarctica that is melting, and the general mass is not aware of this. The ice in Greenland and Antarctica can expand up to 11km daily.
-CO2 has risen by quite a step in the last 150 years. But, it does not in any way correlate with the warming of the Earth. From the 1940-1970's, CO2 has risen a lot, but during these 30 years the earth got colder.
-Urban Heat Island effect. Major cities like New York City are rising in temperature due to concrete and asphalt everywhere. In nearby cities in the same state(Albany in this case), the temperature decreased. New York city, from 1822-1993 the temperature has risen by 4,2 degrees Fahrenheit
Albany which is not far from NYC, 1820-2000, temperature decreases from 49.5 - 47.5 degrees fahrenheit.

And Albany is not an anomaly. Many other cities(around the world)are the same. McGill, NV, temperature falls. Guthrie, OK, temperature falls. Oswego, NY, temperature also falls. So basically, the only places where temperatures have risen in the last two hundred years is where major cities are at.


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