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Based off of Doodle God, a more advanced and complicated way to play with infinite combinations, what creations will you produce for armor games???


Your job as a player is to mix elements to create new ones, to mix an element simply post 2-3 Elements that are currently available via the Table of Elements. To see what's current available check the latest post by the OP.


Deathless- Table of elements: Car, Gasoline, Air

Random User- This looks fun! I will mix Car Gasoline and Air

Deathless- New element created: Polution!
New Table of Elements: Car, Gasoline, Air, Polution

Random User- Hey let's try Air and Car!

Deathless- New element created: Airplane! ect. ect. ect.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You do NOT create new elements on your own, you simply post the ingredients:

Right Post- I will mix fire and grass and patiently await a response
Wrong Post- I will mix fire and grass which will make wheat

This game never really ends until everything that there's ever been has been created. Good luck!


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