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This is a crafting game I've been throwing around for a while now, but I think I should try and post it now or it'll keep bugging me, lol. Dark Constructs is based off an old RPG I used to have, Crafters Legacy, in which you find yourself on a shattered planet and must build stuff to survive. This is simply that, plus whole bunch more.
You wake up on a small planetoid somewhere. You can remember some things about yourself, but how you got on that planetoid is confusing you, until the memories hit you hard...Large comet...impact...planet shatters...and then blank. You look around at your new home, and notice off in the distance that there are a few other planetoids like yours. The sun seems to have disappeared, so you going to have to build in a darkness. Better start on your dark constucts sooner, rather than later...

Equipment: (backpacks, armor, etc, it's simply what you wear)
Tools: Axe, Pick Axe, Hammer, Chisel
Inventory: [Anything that you collect/make that doesn't go anywhere else goes here] (0/10)
Supplies: [anything you have that is craftable] (0/10)
WoodCraft: 1
StoneCraft: 1
MetalCraft: 1
MachineCraft: 1

You will gain more types of crafts when they arise

You stand up and look around your planetoid some more. You see a bunch of trees over to one side, and what's left of a mountain behind you. You hear a couple strange noises from nearby. If your going to build, you better do it quickly...

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