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A repost and edit of the original Raze 2 Guide written by myself, which phantom'd (disappeared). Hopefully it's still relevant.

This is a collection of tips and tricks for Raze 2. Not all of these were my own tips or ideas, nor did I beat this all on my own. Thanks to all who helped.

I. Some Quick Kill and General Tips
II. Earning Credits (Quickly)
III. Beating the Campaigns
IV. Achievements (A), Secrets (A), and Skill Bonuses (B)


I. Some Quick Kill and General Tips

First off, you should check the weapon biographies. For example, the M9 Barret give you a critical hit if you get a 'crotchshot', so if you are using the pistol in a game, aim for the crotch. For the Magnum, you get a critical hit for getting a headshot, so in a game aim for the head. If you're going to use the Vamp Charger, make sure you can hit your oppenent before you shoot, so you can regain some of your lost health. So on and so forth.

When you're taking down an opponent's shield, it doesn't matter where you hit on his body, as long as you hit him. Once his shields are down, you can aim for the head, crotch, or butt to kill him quicker.

When using powerups, it would be a bad idea to grab the 'Rapid Fire' while using an explosive weapon - you'll end up killing yourself more than likely. If you have just the 'Rapid Fire', choose a high-hitting not-so-explosive weapon, like the Holy Grail or 50-cal Sniper Rifle. Otherwise, quickly grab the 'Invincibility' and enjoy the short, few seconds of unlimited ammo and invincibility. If you can manage to grab the '2X damage' too, well, let's just say there won't be many enemies left.

You may want to use weapons that inspire quick kills, like the Holy Grail rather than the 50-cal Sniper Rifle. Whatever you use, though, make sure you're comfortable with using - I didn't use the Holy Grail for quite a while because I didn't like how long it took between each shot. That's the same with the abilities - select something you know you will remember to use. One of the first times playing I was so excited to get a melee ability that I quickly saved to buy it. There was only one problem with that, though; once I got it, I never remembered to use it because I've never used it in a flash game before.

If you have trouble with being able to beat opponents, try using the Static Shield as your ability. When an enemy comes at you with a rocket launcher or high-hitting weapon who you most likely won't beat, just use your ability and he should hit himself, especially if he's standing right in front of you. The static shield is also useful during Domination: if an enemy comes after you while you're trying to capture a flag, simply use your ability. You'll be safe and you'll still capture the flag, as long as he isn't standing very close by (which he shouldn't).

A cool trick is to use your katana while stepping over a landmine. If you do it, the landmine should convert to your own and will blow up if an enemy steps on it. You have to get the timing right, though, otherwise the landmine will blow up in your face.

Fullscreen Option:

If you want to use a fullscreen version of Raze 2, go here. You can press F11 to make it take up even more of the screen. If it doesn't work, make sure that you have F-lock disabled. If it still doesn't work, click on the tab/browser and try it. If you get a green-screen, reload the page (F5 or ctrl + r). If you get a blue-screen, that's your computer's fault, I have no idea how to help you. Using full-screen may reduce some lag since there is nothing else on the page, but it may increase lag since it takes up more of the screen.

Reducing Lag:

Opera is one of the best browsers for flash games, since it tends to have the least amount of lag. It also has a nice little widget in the bottom right corner with which you can shrink the page, if you're still having problems with lag. This is certainly not a fix for lag, but it may help if you do have some. (Don't shrink it too much, obviously, since you'd hardly be able to see the game.)

You can also disable JavaScript. It isn't really necessary for flash gaming, and it will probably reduce any lag you may be having.

Thanks to GhostOfMatrix for these lag tips. Check out the Exit Path Guide for some other tips he gives for reducing lag.


II. Earning Credits (Quickly)

Want to earn credits quickly, without paying? You should be able to make at least one hundred credits a minute, or 1000 credits every ten minutes, or 2000 credits every twenty minutes, and so on and so forth... The second way earns credits faster, but you have to keep replaying it over and over again for it to build up. (700 credits for about 5 minutes of playing time, set to 25 points.)

First off, you'll want to set up your weapons the way you like them. Sure, you need credits to buy them, so if you can't get anything yet, just sit tight and move on to the next paragraph... Otherwise, get the weapons that you like to use. I recommend some of the quicker sniper-like weapons or one-shot-(at-least-)one-kill, so you can pick AI off quickly. As I haven't gotten my hands on every piece of weaponry yet, so I won't mention any guns in particular.

For the first way, at the main menu, go into 'Quick Match' and change the match type to 'Domination'. This is where you try to control all the flags on the map.

Now, it doesn't really matter what map you are in; I generally use 'Dome (night)' because I'm used to the Dome map from the Raze 2 Beta Demo, and night doesn't have as much of the water and particles, so it lags less. Change the 'Points to Win' to however long you want to play it - '250' usually lasts about 20 minutes, '100' about 10 minutes, etc.

Next, leave the 'Weapons' and 'Special Mode' alone; changing them can result in less credit gain (60% less, 10% less, et cetera). Turn the 'Abilities' and 'Equipment' off, so that they won't get in the way when the AI use them.

Set it to full teams, on very easy difficulty (or whatever difficulty you wish), with full teams (should be three per team) all except yours. Then, feel free to start the game!

There's not a whole lot of strategy to getting the max amount of credits, but while capturing a flag, leave it as soon as it is 'yours', so that when an AI comes, he can capture it quickly. "You don't want that, though! You want to keep it as long as possible!" May I note that you get 15 credits per flag capture, so the faster THEY can capture them, the faster YOU can. Basically, as soon as they capture the flag as 'theirs', you shoot them and recapture it, and you have a quick 30 credits.

Also, in the beta, there was a bug where if you stood with two other people from two other teams, it would constantly switch between each team, giving you easy credits. I'm not sure if the bug still exists, though, and it was a hard bug to use - eventually, the AI would kill you or themselves, meaning there would be no more credit harvesting. You could usually get at least 30 or 45 credits off of it, though.

Now, for the second way, go to 'Quick Match', change the match type to 'Capture the Flag', and change the map to whatever one you want. Again, I used 'Dome (night)'.

Next, set up the points - it doesn't really matter how many points you set it up for, but 5 points could be as fast as a minute, depending how many people are in the game. Also, make sure that the weapons and Special Mode are set to their normal settings so that you can earn the most credits possible, and turn the abilities and equipment off.

You'll want to set up the teams next - there are a set two teams, unchangeable. Change the difficulty to 'very easy' and set the number of players per team to 1, so that you won't have anybody in your way when fetching flags. After that is done, start the game!

The strategy is pretty simple, get to the opponent's flag and bring it back as fast as you can, and kill anybody along the way if it's necessary.

Keep in mind, the higher the difficulty is, the more credits you will get. One time I got 38 credits for one kill, on medium difficulty. Of course, I also got the 'Surprise!', 'Assassin!', and 'What was that?' skill bonuses, but even then, that's 8 credits for just the kill itself.

That should be all; I hope this helps.


III. Beating the Campaigns

Everything below is on the last six levels of the Alien Campaign. If you need help with anything else, consult the 'Some Quick Kill and General Tips' section above or reply to the thread.

Level 10:

Some say don't use the teleportation ability, some say to use it. It is a good ability if you know how to use it correctly. Anytime he shoots a rocket or uses a high-hitting weapon, just teleport and you should be safe. Unfortunately, he always seems to know exactly where you are going to teleport as long as you're in his sight, which is to your disadvantage. As for weapons, the Holy Grail and Rocket Launcher is suggested. For equipment, Combat Armor and Pickup Booster is suggested.

Level 11:

A bunch of people seemed to be having trouble with lvl. 11 of the alien campaign, so I'll just mention how I passed - set all your weapons to high-hitting ones; I took the M9, Magnum, Terminator (very helpful), Precision Laser, Holy Grail (also helpful, but slow reload time, so switch out to another weapon after you use it, and prepare to reload it for the next use), focus beam (nice for taking out enemies with low-level weapons), and the Rocket Launcher. All came in handy during the game. For equipment I took the Adrenaline Boost, Cooling Packs, and Target Marker. I don't know if those are the best for the mission, because those are the ones I normally use, though I hear the combat armor is very useful. Now, take the Cloak for your ability, and enter the mission!

You'll want the one where you start on the bottom. Taking the flag from the top is easier; you can just snatch it and run, where on the bottom all paths are visible from the base, making it hard to escape without being shot in the back. How I did it was at the start, I would go up the left through the water, use the cloak when I reached the jump pads, immediately shoot up into their base and grab their flag. If there were a lot of people there, the logical weapon to use would be the rocket

launcher, but the holy grail works too because of the fire, and the terminator is okay. Then, I would run off the right and run back across the bottom. Generally, the weapons I liked to use were the terminator for the way up and rocket launcher on the way down, because the space is more open. you'll want to avoid coming across the other team in groups, so if you come across a bunch of them on one side and die, go the other way. Also, keep in mind that anybody you kill while going up you

will face again at the top, so if needed, turn your cloak on to avoid them killing you while passing them.

That should be most of it. For a video walkthrough, check this out.*

^ Thanks for everyone who helped me out! *cough*rawwr123*cough*gaboloth*cough*

* Video by rawwr123

Level 12:

For this one, there isn't much to suggest, other than to use standard high-hitting weapons and the Static Shield ability. It may take a few tries to beat, but there isn't much other than skill involved.

Level 13:

Hey, a domination match! This one can be tough if you have very little to defend yourself with, as this is a small map. Take the static ability, as this will be handy when trying to capture flags. I know I've mentioned this in the 'Quick Kills' section, but whenever you're capturing a flag and a bot comes and tries to blow you up/kill you, simply use the static shield and you should be safe from his attacks, not to mention you will continue to capture the flag. He may kill you when the shield disappears, but you probably will have the flag by then, unless he tries to take it back/keep it. The equipment 'Cooling Packs' is highly suggested, as well as either 'Combat Armor' or 'Adrenaline Boost'.

Level 14:

For equipment, you may want to use the Spiral Chamber, which make your bullets travel farther, because the special weapon you get has a pretty short range. I suggest taking the Static Shield for ability; it can be useful when reflecting their attacks. The special weapon doesn't work best though, make sure to get your hands on a Holy grail, which is useful as long as your opponents don't have any shield - if they do have shield, you can take it out with the shotgun/terminator or the Frozen Death (special weapon only found in this mission).

Level 15:

For the fifteenth (last) level of the Alien Campaign, try to stalk the Raze soldier as much as you can. Otherwise, at the end, you'll have the raze soldier with 7 more lives and one minute left, which is generally a bad situation, since he seems really hard to find and really hard to kill. If you stalk him a lot (and kill him), you may be able to kill him the 10 times it takes in 4 minutes. Since he will always have a high-level weapon (I think he starts with a Rocket Launcher), you may want the Static Field ability so that when you use it, the Raze soldier will blow himself up. Kill the humans only if they're in your way, and don't forget to grab powerups! (Seriously, powerups pop back up within 15 seconds on average*. You might want to add grabbing them to your cycle, if you have one.)

[quote=nirbhay_modhe]Tips for beating last level of alien campaign:

Important Guns: (Which i used to beat the level)
Rocket Launcher
Holy Grail

Destroyer(Flamethrower is better but too costly) (Note #Jeol: I suggest the Shredder instead. It can be rather useful in taking out opponents on different levels if you can't reach them with normal guns.)
Hail Storm
Magnum/Burst Torch
M9 Barret

Equipment- Extra Clips, Power Extender, Adrenaline Boost/Combat Armour.
Ability- Static Field (Very useful when the raze soldier shoots multiple rockets at you)

Ignore the humans and go for the Raze Soldier. Snipe the humans with holy grail to get rid of them quickly in the first 30 seconds. Use rocket launcher too. These 2 are your main guns.

Use holy grail against raze soldier only from long range then switch to rocket and spam at him. Always run around the map in cycles picking up all possible power-ups. Preferably pick up the Rapid Shooting power-up as it gives unlimited ammo and combined with holy grail u can take out multiple human targets.

You also need luck. I had finished the raze soldier with the rocket in the last 3 seconds and i had only 2 lives left (All my team mates were dead). So i was very lucky at that time.[/quote] Oh, and:

[quote=XDDD]Stay at the centre part of the map[/quote]

So yeah - just keep playing it over and over again until you beat it, keeping all the wonderful tips above in mind. Don't forget to take breaks if you need them. On both level 11 and level 15, I took a break right before the end to make sure I wouldn't mess up. Apparently they were helpful, because both times I won.

That should be all. To see someone actually win it, check this out.**

^ Thank you, everyone who helped out, whether I listed you or not.

* Powerup timeouts:

Double Damage: lasts 8 seconds, respawns after 10 seconds
Rapid Fire: lasts 7 seconds, respawns after 15 seconds
Invincibility: lasts 6 seconds, respawns after 20 seconds

** Video by rawwr123


IV. Achievements (A), Secrets(A), and Skill Bonuses (C)

A. Achievements and Secrets:

For the 'Oh Hi Kitty!' achievement: Go to the map Frostbite. It is easiest to use Quick Match, set on very easy with one other player. Now, go to the upper platforms on either side. Then try to jump on top of the one in the middle. (explained by the horrible arrows in the picture. While holding the left button, jump where the arrows are, not to mention hold right after the second jump.) After that, head to the middle of the platform and jump, which should send you rocketing to the top of the map, and will give you the achievement. The map will decrease your health over a matter of time, so be careful.

For the 'Love is Blind' achievement: In the first level of the Human Campaign, keep going through the tutorial until you see the rocket coming (after the treadmill). Before it hits, head back up to the top of the map. When jumping back up to the building, make sure you don't jump on the jump-pads, and it may take a few tries. Once you finally make it, head inside the building and it will give you the achievement.

For the 'I Hate Nature' achievement: Go to the map Facility in Quick Match, and once again set it on very easy with one other player. Head to the bottom left of the map, where all the plants and trees are (not in the water, but just around where the CTF flag usually is). Shoot at the trees above your head. The Shredder been noted the most useful, especially if you shoot horizontally along the treetops (the saws have to burrow, though). After a while, you should get the achievement.

For the 'Reach for the Sky' achievement: Go to the map Crash Landing, once again setting it on very easy with one player. Once you start, go to the top right side of the map, by the edge of the top of the ship, and shoot at the sun/planet above. It should give you the achievement almost immediately.

The next two achievements, 'A New Hope' and 'A New Era', should be pretty straight forward - finish the Human and Alien Campaigns.

For the achievement 'Versatile', you'll need to purchase four abilities (e.g. Cloak, Static Shield, Katana, etc.).

For 'Toolkit', you have to purchase three different equipment from each category. (The ones already given don't count.)

For 'Stylish', you have to get 15 of the skill bonuses, which I will list below.

For 'Kill Enthusiast', you have to get 30 of the skill bonuses.

B. Skill Bonuses:

'Headshot!' (+4 cr) Kill an enemy by shooting them in the head.
'Crotch Shot!' (+5 cr) Kill an enemy by shooting them in the crotch.
'Butt Shot!' (+12 cr) Kill an enemy by shooting them in the butt.
'Assassin!' (+10 cr) Kill an enemy by shooting them in the back of the head.
'Surprise!' (+8 cr) Kill the enemy by burrowing a saw through the ground. (The Shredder is suggested.)
'Direct Hit!' (+3 cr) Kill an enemy with a direct hit from an explosive weapon.
'Splish Splash!' (+5 cr) Kill an enemy from splash damage on a non-explosive weapon.
'Spree Ender!' (+10 cr) Kill an enemy who is on a killing spree. (He gets +5 kills before you kill him.)
'Reflection!' (+4 cr) Kill an enemy by reflectiong their attacks off your static field.
'Juggerkill!' (+15 cr) Kill and become the juggernaught.
'Show Stopper!' (+10 cr) Kill an enemy who is carrying the flag.
'Slasher!' (+4 cr) Kill an enemy with the katana.
'Hot Hot Hot!' (+2 cr) Set an enemy on fire and let them die by the fire.
'Haunted!' (+5 cr) Kill an enemy after you're already dead. (The Grenade launcher is suggested.)
'Embarrassing!' (+2 cr) Kill an enemy with the super weak Golden Mauser pistol.
'Chill Pill!' (+4 cr) Kill an enemy with a double bounced shot from the Hail Storm.
'Kill Steal!' (+2 cr) Kill an enemy who is low on health and fighting someone else.
'Disco Inferno!' (+3 cr) Kill an enemy while you're on fire.
'Mine your Step!' (+3 cr) Kill an unsuspecting enemy with a land mine. (Use the ability Land Mine.)
'Capture King!' (+5 cr) Kill an enemy while capturing a flag in domination.
'Defender!' (+5 cr) Kill an enemy who is capturing your flag in domination. (Not necessarily yours; it could be any team's.)
'Juiced!' (+2 cr) Kill the amazing Juice-Tin. (only in Quick Match mode.)
'Rad!' (+2 cr) Kill the almighty AddisonR. (Only in Quick Match mode.)
'Survivor!' (+3 cr) Kill an enemy when you have only 1 hp remaining.
'Speed Shot!' (+5 cr) Kill an enemy while travelling at 35 mph.*
'Show Off!' (+5 cr) Kill an enemy while carrying the flag.
'What Shield?' (+5 cr) Kill an enemy who has over 20% shields in 1 hit.
'What was That?' (+12 cr) Kill an invisible enemy.
'Corpslosion!' (+15 cr) Kill an enemy with a sticky grenade attached to a corpse.**
'Thanks!' (+10 cr) Have an enemy kill someone else off your Static Shield.

* Try on slanted surfaces or moving surfaces, like in Dome with the slant below the invincibility powerup.

** Use the Grenade Launcher; keep 'sticking' grenades to someone in a group of enemies until he dies and blows up one of his teammates. Special mode 'Moon Corpses' may make this easier.


Thanks (no pun intended) to everyone who has helped me on this. I hope this will help all who have read it.

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Lol that's a weird glitch... Cuz can't you only get the 4x mode AFTER rockit already descended? (o.O)

Well, I was thinking you had to be faster than Rockit. Then I realized he doesn't follow you around, and you have to follow him.

How do you get that glitch?
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How do you get that glitch?
follow this link, it explains how to do.

Basically you quit when after J. Rockit sees the missile, and then immediately restart. (btw, you will lose health twice from the missile impact)

~~~Darth Caedus
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Basically you quit when after J. Rockit sees the missile, and then immediately restart. (btw, you will lose health twice from the missile impact)


Looks cool. Lemme give it a try. Hehe.
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do u really need a guide for raze lool

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last level is impossible!

With the correct boosts and weapon setup, the final missions are not too hard, once you get the hang of it.
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great tips thanks!

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Does anyone have another strategy for the last level? I've tried the ones suggested here and I'm doing worse than before. I've been stuck on this level for hours now, and I've gotten them down to 1 life a couple times

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My favorite build for abilities/weapons is Ripper, Plasma shot, shotgun/terminator, precision laser, holy grail, devastator, rocket launcher. for abilities the one I have used the most is the medpack, mostly since I used it for most of both campaigns and I have gotten used to it. for weapons, all the weapons I have either have oneshot potential or can be really great with the rapid fire upgrade.

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I like this game and play sometimes

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