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I like dogfighting and i think a game about it woul be nice. the rules are when a dogfight is over the next person gets to choose the plane that are paired up for combat they have to be fair you cant do a Fokker dr1 (ww1 biplane) against a f 15 eagle (modern day jet fighter) toi dogfight you cant amp the planes and say i pull around on him and shoot him down it has to be more fair and you can only do one move at a time like like i pull back on the stick into a loop and fire the person you are dogfighting against can say i roll over and pull back and the bullets go above my air craft or something like that not the rounds just miss no violence like bl0ood streamed from his shoulder and anyone can play if one guy comes in while only 2 people have been playing then let him come have 2 dogfights with 2 planes but five people taking turns i will start spad 15 against fokker dr1

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