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Have u guys play this cool and addictive Pocket Creatures PvP before?

My ID in Pocket Creature PvP is "70_70_71" now, actually is was "70_70_70" but somehow i deleted the save files, so have to start the game again, but i won easily- in 59 days with this guide

So just search the name 70_70_71 to fight me XD
and plz tell me ur ID so that we can fight each other lah XD

FYI ,I won the no.1 person in the leaderboard (112255) many times ---> so like i said, this game is all about how u make an effective combination to create a great team, not lv up them lah XD

Actually i found a general tactic in this game, but b4 that u should know that the decisive factors that can decide the result of the battle is the Str, Atk Rate, Total HP, Health Regen, Push Back, Range, Penetration, Spd...... so when u have some factors at the high stat u can win other factors at the hish stat, for example:

1. The team which has high Spd and Str or Penetration at a high Range (the range > 500 can considered large, so charka or devourer cannot be considered have high Range, just Medium Range then) can win against the team which has high Push Back (plz understand that when i said OR, i mean u can have either of them but not both of them at the same time, and when I said AND I mean vice versa)

2. The team which has high Total HP and Health Regen can win against the team which has high str or atk rate

3. The team which has high Push Back and high Range can win the team has high high Str but low Range and Spd, bcoz regardless of how many Str u have, there is nothing u can do when u r pushed back to the edge of the screen lah XD
An Epic example for this is the team of 5 Devourer or 5 Fire Dragon or 5 Frostspirit will lose to the team of Soul Seekers and Shadow Dragons

4. The team has high Str and Atk Spd can win against the team has high Str but LOW Atk Spd, 5 Devourers is the typical example here coz this kind of team will lose most of the time just bcoz of their low atk spd lah XD

5. Gems also can make the whole different to the result of the fight
For example in point 3 above, if I equip the best Spd gems to a Devourer, then it can penetrate the Push Back skill of the enemies lah XD
When talking about gems, imo the best gems to take is Health and Str (actually it is the Atk gem-the red one in the game)

6. And also note that Push Back will NOT work anymore in case there is only 1 creature each team alive
For example, when a Soul Seeker of team A survive and a Devourer of team B survive, u may think team A will win coz Soul Seeker has the Push Back ability, which is advantageous against the Devourer which has low range and spd, but Team B will actually win, coz as i said, in the case 1 vs 1, the Push Back ability ll be ignored XD

7. Any other strategies or corrections for my strategies above is welcomed here lah XD

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