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Hello guys. I'm new to the armor games community. My name is Nelson.
I have been looking forward to Raze 3, but I haven't seen any progress. Some really weird stuff has been going on with the Raze series.
Lately, Raze 1 has been glitching, and I've been falling into an endless void.
I noticed that Raze 2 doesn't have the support the developers thingy-majigger anymore. What happened?
Also, as I was surfing the internet, I saw a rumor that one of the developers of Raze had died of cancer. Is this true? Plz say no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've always wished that Raze could be in a first person viewpoint. So, I want to get approval to start a new project, called Raze 3D. If my friends and I can continue the project, it will be a retelling of the original raze, just in a first person viewpoint.
Planned features:
3D models (.md3,.md2)
Large 3D maps suitable for a first-person shooter
First Person and Chasecam view options
Remixed Music
Advanced Bot AI
Ragdoll Physics
Online Mutlitplayer w/ the ability to chat to other players
People can create their own servers and have passwords on them
Command Console (we don't want people to use it to cheat though!!!!!!)
offline and maybe someday in-browser play
Regular Updates

The game will be completely free, so we will not be gaining any financial benefits from it. For the game, we will be using the Zandronum(An advanced source port of Doom, no, the game will not resemble the original Doom in any way) engine for offline play and hopefully, we can find a way to get the game in Adobe Shockwave so that people can play it in their browser. I will be making the remixed music, the maps, the cheat codes and the definitons for the game.

So, please tell me whether or not my friends and I can continue! If we can continue, anyone is free to join the project, as we will need as many people as we can to help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Why don't you and your group just make their own game instead of doing a re-make?

If you have the resources, it would be much better to come up with your own story, mechanics, and aesthetics. You're going to come to the realization of one or two things:

You're either going to make so many changes to Raze that its not even going to be Raze anymore.
you're going to just be making the exact same thing....

What do you mean Raze 1 is glitching? I don't get that? Maybe you need to update your Flash? Maybe your GFX card too. Clear your cookies, and cache.

Why you are seeking approval here? Shouldn't you be directly contacting the people you want instead of trying to play the telephone game. I highly doubt a lot of these Flash game developers even look through these forums. Most times they make a game, pitch it to a site, and you'll see the same game on 50 different gaming sites.

Again, if you have the resources and a crew to make a game, you should just make your own game. Don't rip something you love apart by changing it entirely or by little bits.

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