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n the distant future men has found a way to travel to planets outside of the Milky Way. The planets they have found have been put into one of three groups. Group one is full of barren planets that have been cultivated so that the humans can live on them. Groups two and three have planets that have life of them. The difference is that the planets in group two are used as a breading grounds for a company's experimental animals and group three's are where people are allowed to hunt dangerous aliens.

In this game you own a company that breads experiments on one of four planets. You will spend most of the game playing as your current experiment. Your goal is to survive as long as possible without getting to the point where you could find and kill the humans that made you. If you get to that point the microchip that is in your body, and all of the bodies of your kind, will kill all of you. If this happens then as the company that you still play you can make a new experiment.

Company Namethe name of your company)
Company Ownerthe name of the person who owns the company)
Planet Namethe name of the planet your company owns, no one can own the same planet)
Experiment Numbera number code of the animal you are playing)
Animal Namethe name of the animal you are playing)
Food GroupHerbivore, Carnivore, Omnivore)
Descriptiondescribe the animal you are playing)
Evolutions:none(what has been added on since the first two)
Environmentwhat sort of environment dose the animal live in)
Food Source:none
Water Source:none

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