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You guys should know why these two are my favorite. CoD is NOTHIN' compared to these games!!!!!!!! Most of the stuff in CoD is just ripoffs!!!! For example, Duke Nukem 3D was the first fps game where you could melee while holding a weapon (The mighty boot)! Some of the games made after Duke Nukem 3D tried to imitate that feature, just with knives or eventually the gun itself. About 10 years later, people are still using what was an original idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's where the knifing feature came from.

I love Doom II so much. I've beat the whole game twice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Doom series was what made me become really good at fps games. When I first began playing Doom, I would panic and aim recklessly, and sometimes shoot barrels and kill myself. The first time I got the rocket launcher, I saw an Imp and I panicked. I tried to aim, but the Imp was in my face!!!!!! So, I fired. The splash damage from the rocket killed me. I couldn't aim fast enough. I was so horrible at Doom I thought that I had nightmares about pinky demons gnawing my face off, and I couldn't aim fast enough to shoot them!!!!!!!!!!!! But soon, my reflexes were strengthened, and I became the Doom MASTER!!!!!!!!!!!

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