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well we need a halo 4 topic i guess feel free to talk about it

and i just played the game it ROCKS ITS SWEET !!! it so awesome that i was about to blow up ! the game is really cool ! and the story is really above excellent !!! the new weapon designs (they have gotten better) aliens designs !! its great !! in the multiplayer Flood the zombies are just OH MY GOD !! (i am not saying how they look cause it will ruin the suprise for you !!) the maps are great ! and oh what can i say ? it rocks ! specially the new coloring system (not completly new but its awesome!) new stances for profile (the way your charactar stands) new tags and new backgrounds its just amazing ! and oh the armor parts are rocking !!! (just wait a 2 more days and you will see how cool it is !!!!)

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