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So I had to write this for class, thought I could get some feedback on how good it is. The theme was "Be Scared".

The Ghostly Galleon

Part I

1 The cold winds sorrows
Kept me wishing for tomorrow
The darkness of the night
Filled my dreams with fright

2 Wisps of clouds like stallions
Riding in the heavens
Slowly rocks the galleons
Slowly rocking

3 My frock of Galatea billows
The stench of rum covers my pillows
I sit straight up to find
My body has been left behind!

4 âIâm dead,â I murmured,
âNo, this cant be!â
How can they sail home,
If they do not have me?

5 Just then my first mate
Burst in through the door
He glanced at my bed
His face struck with horror

6 âCapâns dead,â he said
Voice barely a whisper
The wind seemed colder,
The night air crisper

7 âNo!â I shrieked,
âIâm standing right here!â
He looked straight at me
Eyes frozen with fear

8 Realization came slowly
Of course I am wrong
He is looking straight through me
For now I am gone

9 Out the window he gazed
At an endless sea
That is all that he sees,
He does not see me
10 Inside me is fear, nothing more
I watched as he backed,
Straight out my door
I heard bells sound, signaling the crew
Closer they drew

11 Till heard only that
Nothing at all
Silence is imminent
As I take my great fall

Part II

12 His body was lying there lifeless
His lips an icy cold blue
My mind began to race
And guess
Not quite sure what to do

13 My eyes glanced starboard
To the grey blue sea
The moon shone through the panes
I see death floating in the grey blue sea
I saw his frock was filled with bloodstains

14 Panic rose through me
Like smoke from a fire
My vision grew hazy-
The situation was dire

15 I slowly backed out, so as not to disturb the dead
The grey blue sea still danced in my head
I called for alarms we had no time
A killer was aboard, one I will find

16 Just then it felt as if someone was breathing down my neck
I glanced back at captain his room still a wreck
I noticed the shine of a bejeweled hilt I was suddenly vexed
I knew who had killed him soon I was next

17 Iâm second no more; the power now mine
I searched through the panic, felt a chill down my spine
I gazed at the crew for the owner of the blade
This killer was crafty; he was smart to evade

18 My fierce glare a brand on menâs souls
I smelled sulfur in the air and my blood ran cold
I saw two men drop dead, then three, then four
The blood was pooling, covering the floor

19 There goes one more, thatâs five, now six!
Fear became real this may be a ghost ship
I pulled out my pistol, ready to shoot
Seven then eight, there goes nine on my boot

20 I felt a pain in my chest, not sorrow nor remorse
I felt the pain that comes before a cold corpse
My blood was spilling, I gasped for breath
I gripped at the great gaping hole in my chest

21 Death came quickly, I did not suffer
I prayed that the rest of my crew would be tougher
Gracefully galleons rock in the sea
Good riddance to all
Good riddance to me

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